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2nd world war part-9(in hindi)
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It's discussion of 2nd world war. What was it. What was the reason behind it etc

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Sunil Singh
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Japan ki kya bhumika rahi iss sayam me usne kya koi sandhi ki kisi k sath
  1. 2nd World War . What was it . When was it Where was it . Causes .Corse of War

  2. About Me Name- Sunil Kumar Singh JRF, Pursuing research in History Faced UPSC interview in 2015, and 2016 . Taught history for 3 years at University level e Follow me at:

  3. 2nd World War . What was it . When was it Where was it . Causes .Corse of War

  4. First step : Manchuria, 1931 Japanese attacked on Manchuria 1931 SOVIET UNION . League of Nations condemned the Outer Mongoia MANCHURA Japanese act as aggression Neither League nor USA, fortified its verbal protests by effective actions Feldng KOREA JAPAN CHINA Shanghal Pacific Ocean . Japan withdrew from the League . First formal breach in the league structure

  5. Second step: Germanv, 1935-36 DENMARK . 1933 Hitler withdrew from League NORTHERN SLESVIG The Saar The Ruhr German territory Sudetenland Rhineland (demilitarised zone) GREAT BRITAIN Apr 1935 denounced the clauses of the Treaty of Versailles - rebuilt German armed forces GERMANY WEST PRUSSIA POLAND BELGIUM UPPER SILESIA LUXEMBOURG FRANCE AUSTRIA HUNGARY June 1935 British signed a naval agreement with Germany limiting the German navy to one third the size of the British March 1936 reoccupation of the Rhineland - Britain, France did nothing

  6. Third step : Attack on Ethiopia . October 3, 1935, Italy attacked Ethiopia without a declaration of war. WAR BEGINS IN ETHIOPIA ITALY ATTACKS TRIBESMEN The League of Nations declared Italy an aggressor, but as usual, took no action against the country PARIS CHESSBOARD 20 Million . In 1936 Mussolini made "Rome-Berlin axis" - a treaty of friendship with Adolf Hitler's Germany The two dictators with their shared ideological affinities,"

  7. Fourth step : Annexation of Austria . Hitler wanted all German-speaking nations in Europe to be a part of Germany . Designs on re-uniting Germany with his native homeland, Austria. Under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, however, Germany and Austria were forbidden to be unified ESTONIA SWEDEN LATVLA DENMARK LITHUANIA GREAT BRITAIN NETHERLANDS GERMANY POLAND CZECHOSLOVAKIA FRANCE SWITZERLAND HUNGARY TALY ROMANIA SPAIN Austria BULGARIA German territory ALBANIA

  8. Fourth step : Annexation of Austria . Hitler ordered the Austrian Nazis to ESTONIA SWEDEN create havoc in Austria. This turned into an attempt to overthrow the government LATVIA DENMARK LITHUANIA GREAT BRITAIN NETHERLANDS GERMANY BELGIUM POLAND CZECHOSLOVAKIA . In 1934, Italy had an agreement FRANCE HUNGARY with Austria that it would protect Austria from outside aggression. ITALY ROMANIA SPAIN Rhineland (demilitarised zone) Austria BULGARIA German territory ALBANIA

  9. . In 1936 Hitler and Mussolini - Rome-Berlin Axis during their . Austria had lost the protection of Italy and was vulnerable .March 1938 Fourth step : Annexation of Austria joint involvement in the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) to German attack. German troops marched into Austria unopposed. Hitler now had control of Austria. . Hitler held a rigged referendum. The results showed that the Austrian people approved of German control of their country

  10. Fifth step : Invasion to Czechoslovakia Raised question of discrimination of Sudeten German German troops marched into Czechoslovakia . British & French PM pressurized Czechoslovakia -hand over Sudetenland to Germany & gave assurance to protect Czechoslovakia

  11. Fifth step : Invasion to Czechoslovakia On 17th March, Chamberlain gave a speech saying that he could not trust Hitler not to invade other countries. ESTONIA SWEDEN LATVIA DENMARK LITHUANIA GREAT BRITAIN NETHERLANDS GERMANY BELGIUM . On 31st March, Chamberlain POLAND guaranteed to defend Poland if Germany invaded FRANCE HUNGARY ITALY ROMANIA SPAIN Rhineland (demilitarised zone) Austria BULGARIA German territory ALBANIA

  12. Fifth step : Invasion to Poland . Hitler demanded Danzig polish corridor Poland ignored - had British protection .Hitler signed, Baltic Sea EAST PRUSSIA The of August 1939- Poland was to be partitioned between the two powers German-Soviet Pact DANZIG ALLENSTEIN MARIENWERDER POZNANIA The Polish Corridor GERMANY POLAND After World War I Transferred to Poland EAST UPPER 100 mi UPPER SILESIA WES ILESI by Versailles Treaty Voted to become Polish Voted to remain German 50 0 50 100 km

  13. End of the War Ended with the unconditional surrender of Germany in May 1945 In the East, the war ended when Japan surrendered unconditionally on August 14th, signing their surrender on September 2nd. . e The Japanese surrender occurred after the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the 6th and 9th of August. The date of the Japanese surrender is known as Victory Over Japan Day or V-J Day

  14. To what extent can Germany be held responsible for causing the two World Wars? Discuss critically