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A New Europe: Napoleon Bonaparte and the French Revolution, c. 1800 - 1850 CE
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Napoleon Bonaparte reshapes Europe, and the ideals of the French Revolution spread, leading to long-lasting consequences.

Anirudh Kanisetti
BITS Pilani (Goa), history blogger, artist, podcaster.

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Thanks sir 😇🙋🙋🙋🙋
Abraham Lincoln. ..2nd picture I dnt kno
Abraham Lincoln. ..2nd picture I dnt kno
1. Abraham Lincoln during American civil war 2. German Diet ( I guess)
Correct! That's the proclamation of the German Empire in 1870.
  1. A New Europe

  2. Welcome back! I'm Anirudh. I'm a history blogger, artist and BITS Pilani (Goa) graduate. You can find me at (Top writer on history!)

  3. Vive l'Empereur! Napoleon Bonaparte's French Empire reshapes Europe O CE AN FRANC ALGERIA

  4. Empereur Napoleon I Europe will never be the same

  5. Napoleon crowns himself: 1804 CE The Declaration of the French Empire Napoleon's propaganda machine and popularity ensure his election" as Emperor CODE DE NAPOLEON LE GRAND D E

  6. Battle of Austerlitz: 1805 CE Germany is Humbled In a lightning campaign, Napoleon smashes the old Empires and abolishes the Holy Roman Empire!! 2

  7. Battle of Trafalgar: 1805 CE The Continental System Britain maintains naval superiority, and is a major thorn in the Emperor's side Watch: Sharpe (TV Series)

  8. Napoleon in Russia: 1812 CE Spain and Russia Napoleon pushes too far Watch: War and Peace (TV Series)

  9. Napoleon is defeated at Waterloo: 1815 CE The Hundred Days Napoleon's last attempt to return to power fails; Britain is now supreme

  10. 2 The Concert of Europe No, not musical

  11. The State of the World Something is changing in the state of Europe DENMARK ALGERIA

  12. Gunhoats and Railroads Guess what's next!

  13. Thanks! Any questions? You can find me at: @indicusmaximus The Augustan Blog