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Advanced Questions of CR
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This lesson will help you answer difficult questions of CR in XAT.

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Abhishek Khurana
I am Abhishek Khurana. I completed my B.Com(H) from Panjab University in 2008 & my MBA from NMIMS in 2011.

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mem meri bsc 1st year chal rahi hai kya me graduation complete hone ke baad b.ed Kar Sakta hoon according to ncte
Sir, could you please explain why cant option 1. be the ans in Q3. As in the arguement it is stated that only those students who show an early aptitude are encouraged to contniue music, thus the music education clearly devotes special attention towards such students.
sir in question number 2 ; why can't 1 be the answer?
reply plz sir
Abhishek Khurana
3 years ago
I was bit busy...will clarify all your doubts by EOD today...don't worry
Abhishek Khurana
3 years ago
@aditya : as discussed, it is written that participant education plays a large where it is mentioned that this role is more important that safety equipment. I will explain it to you with another example, see if I say that two boys Ajay and Vijay took an exam and Ajay scored very good marks...from the statement above can I infer that Ajay scored more than Vijay?? obviously not...I can just infer that Ajay scored good but not whether he scored more, less or equal to Vijay...same reason, 1st option cannot be the answer. hope this is clear with example. :)
yaaa yaa it...thank you
Sir I'll start my graduation course this year can you tell me for MBA in future which subject should i prefer in bad from (bsc-physics hons.. or.. chemistry hons... or maths hons...,)
Sir I'll start my graduation course this year can you tell me for MBA in future which subject should i prefer in bad from (bsc-physics hons.. or.. chemistry hons... or maths hons...,)
Sir I'll start my graduation course this year can you tell me for MBA in future which subject should i prefer in bad from (-physics hons.. or.. chemistry hons... or maths hons...,)
Abhishek Khurana
2 years ago
anything will do Vishal...
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  2. CR Conclusion

  3. Q1. The new heart scans offer patients significant benefits. They can be completed in a fraction of the time required for an angiogram, with no recovery time necessary. Furthermore, the scans are more sensitive and can identify problem ar as that an angiogram might not perceive. However, heart scans use more radiation than most diagnostic rocedures, and can cause undue concern over and treatment for the armless abnormalities often picked up by such sensitive technology aXbich of the following conclusions is best supported by the statements above? Patents should faot be oonaceaned oaboun het malities that 2. 3. A heart scan could result in indirect harm by causing a patient to 4 An angiogram is the more appropriate of the two procedures for most 5. . The heart scan is a more expensive procedure than the angiogram Patients should not be concerned about heart abnormalities that appear in a heart scan. undergo risky, unnecessary procedures. patient .

  4. Q2. Improved technology and equipment often result in fewer injuries during high-risk activities such as rock climbing and scuba divinq. But participant education also plays a large role in reducing the number of injuries sustained during thes activities. People who are poorly trained in these activities run a m ch higher risk of injury even if provided with the latest and best equipment. Which of the following can be properly inferred from the information above? . Training is a more important safety factor than equipment in high-risk 2 People who are properly trained in their activities do not sustain 3. The safety benefits of the latest equipment can be offset by 4. Rock climbing and scuba diving are more risky than any other 5. People with the latest equipment often neglect proper training. activities. injuries inadequate preparation. activities.

  5. Q3. Educator: Like any other difficult pursuit, music requires intense study and practice in order for one to become proficient. But many school music programs encourage only children who demonsfrate early aptitude to continue studying music, while children who are not especially musical are directed towards other activities. Having learned to think of themselves as musically inept, these children do not devote any time to music and th s deprive themselves of the opportunit to develop a latent talent. The educator's statements, if true, would best support which of the following conclusions? . Music education should not devote special attention to talented students. 2. . Everyone has the potential to learn music. 3. . Talent is not always apparent at an early age. 4. . Children are particularly sensitive to criticism from adults. 5. . All children should study music.

  6. Q4. A certain medication used to treat migraine headaches acts by blocking ain receptors in the brain. When a person takes the medication within one our after ingesting grapefruit or grapefruit juice, however, the effectiveness of the medication is significantly diminished. Researchers have determined that the grapefruit contains a compound that alters the shape of the pain receptors, with the result that the medication can no longer bind with them completely e which of the following conclusions could be most properly drawn from the e. If one takes the medication information given above? more than an hour after ingesting grapefruit, its effectiveness is not diminished efifectivencess of thuit after talking the medication does not diminish the .. There is only one type of pain receptor in the brain. .The medication is fully effective only when it properly binds with its target pain receptors. ..It is not possible to design a medication for migraine headaches that can bond with the altered receptors.