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American Revolution - 1
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This lesson tells you the conditions of pre revolutionary America and the acts which led to the revolution.

Suraj Kumar Gupta
Cleared multiple exams conducted by UPSC Top Educator 2017 Certified production engineer from RCF Kapurthala & BALCO Korba, winner of UN es

Unacademy user
U r speech annoying...u blabbering..
Annoying way of teaching. Either change your subject or language.
Suraj Kumar Gupta
6 months ago
So please send me your instruction manual on how to improve teaching ? And if it annoys you, there are thousands of educators out there, watch them. Well I think if you can dedicate this amount of precious time in commenting then you should use a bit of brain, you can get something from this lesson as well.
you should be highlighting main points and putting stress upon it , same tone isnt the way of teaching sir , although the course content is very good! and i dont find it annoying at all.
Suraj Kumar Gupta
6 months ago
Thanks a lot for these golden suggestions
sir, can u please explain what is "sons and daughters of liberty"I don't think I pretty much got it... thanks in advance It was a nice lecture
Suraj Kumar Gupta
4 months ago
The were basically the Americans who were fighting for their liberty... their independence, despite of their name, place or origin or gender.