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Average Tricks - Type 9
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Type 9 Average TypeWise Tricks

Pratiyogita Mantra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Pratiyogita Mantra

Unacademy user
sir g 8 ka c q nhi hoga g answer plzzz btao g
Monalisa Das
2 years ago
same doubt I too have Sirji, please clear karwa dijiye
sir last question me to A+3 hona chahie na jb aapne boys side me A+1 - A Kra to girls side me A- (A-3) KYU KRA pls clear my doubt Thank u
Monami Pramanik
2 years ago
because in mix n alligation 1avg is greater thn the total avg n the other is lesser the the total.nw here as boys avg is greater thn the total so girls avg must be lesser thn the A-(A-3).
Kavya Purohit
2 years ago
okk...thank u monami:)
Priyanka vaish
2 years ago
if we are doing A-(A-3)= 3, boys side we must do, A-(A+1)= -1. its counfusing
it's not confusing in allegation we subtract one from mean and mean from other simple
Monami ji why your theory is not applicable in type 9 question no 2 here both sides are smaller from middle one
In allegation we subtract smaller from larger...
15 th slide wale question ka answer A-3 hi q hua...A+3 hona chahiye na....kyuki phir to A-(A+1) ka -1 hona chahiye...+ 1 kyuu
Anish Khan
2 years ago
See reference section on same slide...
11 years , sir but i used the previous method not by mixer alligation method .
Kusum kumari
a year ago
can you please explain who u solve this question
Mohd tanveer
3 months ago
total=15*15=225 14*5=70, 16*9=144 70+144=214 225-214=11ans
thank you guru ji aapne easy bana diya maths hmra lia ek baar or dhanayawad ..or jo bolte ho bada pyra lagata h khayal rakho or padhte raho
Sir ... next Time and Distance start kana... Bahut time lag raha hai solve karne me...
  1. All the following TYPES will be covered: 1. Basic 2. inrsn ncluded/sxcluded/Replaced 3. Person Included/Excluded/Replaced - Age/Weight t 4. Temperature/Rainfall 5. Income/Expenditure 6. Error/Correction 7. Twice/Thrice 8. Cricketer- Batting/Bowling Average 9. Classroom/Examination/Marks 10. Number System/Arithmetic Mean/Middle no. Etc. 11. Age of Youngest Child/Family Members 12. Average Speed 13. Most Important Questions 14. Miscellaneous SPECIAL COURSE FOR SSC & BANK EXAMS AVERAGE TYPEWISE MUST ENROLL/SAVE AVERAGE SPECIAL COURSE



  4. AVERAGE TYPEWISE TYPE 9 HIT LIKE The average of marks obtained by 120 candidates in a certain examination is 35. If the average marks obtained by passed can didates are 39 and those of the failed candidates are 15, what is the number of candidates who passed the examination? (1) 100 (3) 150 RATE (2) 120 (4) 140 ASK YOUR DOUBTS IN DONT FORGET TO PRESS FOLLOW ENROLL/SAVE COMMENTS

  5. 39 5 35 20 1 20

  6. AVERAGE TYPEWISE TYPE 9 HIT LIKE In a school, the average age of students is 6 years, and the av- erage age of 12 teachers is 40 years. If the average age of the combined group of all the teach- ers and students is 7 years, then the number of students is: (1) 396 (3) 408 RATE (2) 400 (4) 416 ASK YOUR DOUBTS IN DONT FORGET TO PRESS FOLLOW ENROLL/SAVE COMMENTS

  7. AVERAGE TYPEWISE TYPE 9 HIT LIKE In a school with 600 students, the average age of the boys is 12 years and that of the girls is 11 years. If the average age of the school is 11 years and 9 months, then the number of girls in the school is (1) 450 (3) 250 RATE (2) 150 (4) 350 ASK YOUR DOUBTS IN (SSC Graduate Level Tier-II DONT FORGET TO PRESS FOLLOW ENROLL/SAVE COMMENTS

  8. 2 B21 1 4 4 Gh

  9. AVERAGE TYPEWISE The average height of 30 girls out of a class of 40 is 160 cms and that of the remaining girls is 156 cms. What is the average height of the whole class? TYPE 9 HIT LIKE RATE (1) 155cm (3) 159 cm (2) 157 cm (4) None of these ASK YOUR DOUBTS IN DONT FORGET TO PRESS FOLLOW ENROLL/SAVE COMMENTS