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भारतीय राष्ट्रीय कांग्रेसची अधीवेशने Conventions of Indian National Congress MPSC (in Marathi)
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In this lesson we have discuss Conventions of Indian National Congress with trick which is very useful for MPSC and other compititive exams.

Nilesh Naware
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Charvaka's philosophy is based on its epistemology which is positivistic. According to it, Perception is the only source of valid knowledge as it is reliable and authentic. All other pramanas like inference, verbal testimony and comparison etc are rejected. Inference is based on Vyapti gyan. but according to charvaka Vyapti gives rise to the fallacy of illicit generalization, petitio principi and infinite regress. so inference cant be accepted as a pramana. Charvakas have refuted verbal testimony as a valid source of knowledge because it is based on the statement of some reliable person/ scripture. And to find a reliable person is based on inference which is not a valid source of knowledge. Comparison is also not accepted as the source of valid knowledge by charvakas. we can find knowledge of similarity through perception so no need of a separate pramana for that. But in process of refuting other pramanas charvakas themselves have taken help of inference. Also, accepting that perception always gives reliable and authentic knowledge, leads to the fallacy of illicit generalization. It also limits our scope of knowledge. In this way charvakas have left many a loopholes for criticism and debate in their epistemology. However it enriched Indian philosophy by bringing it out from dogmatism through refutation of transcendental entities in their metaphysics which is the logical outcome of their epistemology.
सर बाकी लेक्चर कुठे आहेत ?राष्ट्रिय सभेची aअधिवेशने ?
sir please tell me 1900 madhe Mehta adhyaksha hote ki chandawarkar
Nilesh Naware
a year ago
चंदावरकर अध्यक्ष होते, thanks
Sir mppsc krne wale students marathi lenguage kese smjhege
thod confused ahe
छान माहिती
Nilesh Naware
a year ago
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