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Birth of one of the greatest presidents
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Learn about the achievements of one of the greatest American presidents who was responsible for abolishing slavery in the United States.

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Ma'am please make a course on communication(analog +digital) also like signals and systems. It will be very helpful.
he's the man who explained democracy & coined the term" by the people, of the people, for the people"
lucid explanation...unacadamy is best educational platform.
good I'm not preparing for ias. but i listen your lecture daily because all of them are very easy to understand and interested as well.
Sushil kumar
3 years ago
very nice sohrab
wonderful Great to start the day with such an iconic figure .
very good explanation in simple language
  1. TEUR ABRAHAM LINCOLN 16 president of the US Born 12th Feb, 1809 TH

  2. Lincoln is known as the Great Emancipator because he wrked to end slavery in the US

  3. Lincoln grew up in a small cabin with just one room inside

  4. o eorta 74 nton Macomb 0 Hoopestol BloomingtonRatou 136 Lincob Clinton .. Danvilt anton Baatdstown ampaigt INDIAN Quiney Springfield Decatur lene Raut Lincoln moved to Illionois at the age of 22 Mattoon We worked in a general store. Later he went to school for just a year Carlinville Bloor 51 etseville Lichfield Effinicham

  5. Lincoln started his political career in 1832 He ran for IGA but lost the election

  6. VOTE WHIG tbe e RESCUE to THEY COULDNT POSSIBLY BE WORSE. In 1846 he joined the WHIG Party and was selected for one term in the House of Representatives

  7. He joined the Republican Party which had been formed recently in opposition to the expansion of slavery

  8. REPUBLICAN PARTY nominates him for presidential election 1860 His views on slavery were less extreme Lincoln was from one of the Western States Lincoln's family was poor LINC O L N PRESIDENT-ELECT HAROLD HOLZER

  9. Lot the eople Rofoice! 1860 Presidential Election Map Lincoln Republican Party NH 5 VT 5 CAPITAL SILAL SHALL NOT OWN 8 LBLECTHI 4 MA 13 35 27 15 3EINOIS REDEEMED! 5 4. 23 11 13 MD 8 12 12 4 SH VOTES FOR LINCOLN. She ehooses Republiean Xegislature. SHE REPUDIATES DOUGLAS 10 Douglas Democratic Party 4 8 7 9 10 GOD BUESS THE OLD KEISTONE!! 4 6 3 Bell GOD BLESS NEW YORK! Breckon ridgo Constitutional Union Party llen wikipedia org/viki/United _States presidential election 1860 Democratic Party Lincoln carries all the Atlantic States but New Jersey SHOUT BOYS SHOUT,VICTORY ISOURS, FREDOM IS TRIUNMPHANT

  10. The Confederate States of America Wash. Terr. N.H. Dakota Territory Mass N.Y Mich. Nev. Terr. Nebraska Terr Ct. Ohio NJ. Del. Utah Terr IIl. Ind. Calif. Colo. Terr Kansas Md. Indian Terr New Mexico Terr. Ark S.C Union States Miss. Ala. Ga. Border States Confederate States Territories


  12. The National Jewe Latest News by Telegraph Special Dispatches to the Vermont Record WASHINGTON. SATURDMY, APRIL. 14, 1566 LINCOLN SHOT President Lincol ACKSTAtE Assassinated!! CONDITION CONSIDERED HOPELESS Will Net Live Three 11 Night Doeters Deelare NEW YORK, April 15, 1885. An official dispatch from Washington, t Major Gen. Dix, says that while Presider Lincoln and lady were at the theater las night, a man entered his private box unsee and fired two balls into the President head, then leaped over the railing on th stage, brandishing a large dagger, and e ISO9 S65 ASSASSINATION caped. THE UNTOLD STORY OF The President was alive at 3 o'clock th =.erher w. "adde auter THE STAGEHANDS ACTORS AT FORD'S THEATRE AND morning, but cannot live. Later.-The President Dead THOMAS A. BOGAR WASHINGTON, April 15-130, A. M. The President died at 7.22, this mornin