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Bond order (in Hindi)
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Sanjay kumar
I have been teaching Chemistry for 5 yrs Youtube - jamchem & App- Padhre Qualified jam and many Entrance Exam.

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i have prblm in 57 nmbr question .......
If T^2 is directly proportional to R^3 according to Kepler's law, it means that T^2 = k. R^3 where k is a constant. Thus T^/R^3 is a constant
Megha kumari
2 years ago
thanku so much
very good explained by you sir
  1. *, *-antibonding molecular orbital o, -bonding molecular orbital Bond orderN-N N No. of electron in bonding MOs N No. of electron in antibonding MO's (g) Ifbond order 0, it means species does not exist. (h) Bond order of 1, 2 & 3 corresponds to a single bond, double & triple bond respectively. 0 Bond order stability of molecule 1 bond length 6) If the molecule has one or more unpaired electron, i will be paramagnetic, while if all the electrons are paired it will be diamagnetic. Ex H2-Configuration : (1s)2 * (1s)0 Bond order=Nb-Na 2-0 1, Hence H H (dimagnetic) 2 2

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