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BRICS and New Development Bank (in Hindi)
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Aartee Mishra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Aartee Mishra
Delhi University Topper Post Graduated in History Founder - Rank secure IAS Academy 4 Years Experience Use code : RANK10 for Mentorship

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  1. Daily Lectuire Series Ramesh Singh's A brief imary of unacademy By Aartee Mishra International Economic Organizations& India Hindi

  2. I am Aartee Mishra Graduated from Delhi University, Topper in all my semesters, Pursuing P.G and preparing for CSE. 2 Years of teaching experience of General Studies for competitive examination Have been teaching on Unacademy Plus

  3. BRICS BANK Together with the process of globalisation world regional forces have also been asserting their power through different short of alignments-the Fortaleza Declaration of heads of state (late July 2014) from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (the BRICS countries) is another suclh attempt-creation of a BRICS Bank i.e., New Development Bank (NDB). Major highlights about the bank are as given below: (i) The bank will have initial subscribed capital of $50 billion-eqaully shared by the five nations. (i) The capital base is to be used for funding infrastructure and 'sustainable development' projects in the BRICS countries initially. .(ii) Other low and middle-income countries will be able get funding as time progresses. (iv) A Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA) of $100 billion is to be also created to provide additional liquidity protection to member-nations during balance of payments problems (v) The CRA is being funded 41 per cent by China, 18 per cent each from Brazil, India, and Russia, and 5 per cent from South Africa. (vi) CRA, according to the Declaration, is 'a framework for the provision of currency swaps in response to actual or potential short-term balance of payments pressures.

  4. BRICS Bank As per the experts, two factors have triggered the birth of the NDB: . (a) BRICS have emerged as a big economic power, and solidified their ties in terms of commerce with the emerging market economies and developing countries (EMDCs) and they are a force to reckon with in the global economy. (b) Their disenchantment with the Bretton Woods institutions has been growing over the years.

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  9. 412:36M Dedications Dedications Dedications 10 Purple Hat Orange Hat Brown Hat Dedicated at 5k minutes Dedicated at 100 minutes Dedicated at 10k minutes Best educator of unacadmy Thanks a lot Aartee for making economics and history easy for thousands like me. You're a star in this young age. Your hard work is inspiration for many aspirants and your way of teaching is AWESOME Aparna Katara Dedicated on 28 Aug 2018 7 am speechless for you. You are such a great person person. I would like to say thanks for your time and hard work so far Amit Keshri Dedicated on 28 Aug 2018 Thanks, mam for all awesome course Deepak Dhiman Dedicated on 28 Aug 2018 Thank You mam for creating these amazing courses for us who cant afford expensive coaching. Anushri singh Dedicated on 28 Aug 2018 Vibhuti Singh Dedicated on 27 Aug 2018 Hey mam, you are such an adorable teacher, an inspirational and highly enthusiastic. I hope I can meet you some day. All the best. Keep enlightening. I wish you get best in your life. Thank You You are One of the best educator on unacademy Ma am your amazing courses are really very awesome!

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