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Calendars: Overview and Concepts
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This is the overview of concepts of Calendars

Anish M Tharur
An Electrical and Electronics Engineer, a motivated CAT Aspirant having clear idea of teaching and learning enhancement through interaction

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sir in lecture 11 q no. 3 I not understand after differentiation the f^n
2000 divisble by 400
i didn't get the month part in the end
  1. CAkENDERS (1) loo yeaow give as 5 odd da45 But 400 temphon occusw 25 uap yeasu, 16 ordinas brdinauy yo 365 days 36 days. yeau No. odd days hou 100 a 4-104 It year dinisk byu yea If layt a digits divisible by its a leapjuY 3 odd days l odd days ap yeat, EoC yeas: aooo, I600, 100,1900 Honth Jan has 31 aodd daus but ou odd ie ,im normal yea 364 +1 -365 Hun 1 odd doy