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Call money market and open market operations (in Hindi)
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Aartee Mishra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Aartee Mishra
Delhi University Topper Post Graduated in History Founder - Rank secure IAS Academy 4 Years Experience Use code : RANK10 for Mentorship

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Raghav Wadhwa
a year ago
Hanji Bache. .jald hi update honge :)
Rajput Rajput
a year ago
okk sir i m waiting
there is no response to any answer. what kind of educator you are. why should i enroll in your plus course.
I guess u should have explained call money rate, instead u explained call money market!!
lekin jo reason reverse repo rate k liye h uske liye to rbi crr rate increase kr skti h or SLR b ese b to market m money flow ko control kr skti h Na to reverse repo rate ki jrurt Kyu h
Atul Parashar
a year ago
Aur bank RBI ko waapis paise degi kyu jab wo market me lending karke jyada inteest kama sakti hai :P
Atul Parashar
a year ago
Kuch to gadbad hai Neha pata lagao :D
fisical policy ki kon si no pr vedio ha mil nhi rhi
Hi Aartee, I am a big fan of your explanation. But quite disappointed that you skipped how mclr replaced base rate. and what constitutes each of them. These are so very important topics. I would really appreciate it, if you cover ALL important topics.
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  2. CREDIT AND MONETARY POLICY Reverse Repo Rate: It is the rate of interest the RBI pays to its clients who offer short-term loan to it This tool was utilised by the RBI in the wake of over money supply with the Indian banks and lower loan disbursal to serve twin purposes of cutting down banks losses and the prevailing interest rate Marginal Standing Facility (MSF): MSF is a new scheme announced by the RBl in its Monetary Policy, 2011-12 which came into effect from May, 2011. Under this scheme, banks can borrow overnight upto 1 per cent of their net demand and time liabilities (NDTL) from the RBI, at the interest rate 1 per cenft (100 basis points) higher than the current repo rate

  3. Other Tools Call Money Market: The call money market is an important segment of the money market where borrowing and lending of funds take place on over night basis ey market in India cur commercial banks (SCBs)-excluding regional rural banks), cooperative banks (other than land development banks), insurance Open Market Operations (OMOs): OMOs are conducted by the RBI via the sale/purchase of government securties (G-Sec) to/from the market with the primary aim of modulating rupee liquidity conditions in the market OMOs are an effective quantitative policy tool in the armoury of the RBI, but are constrained by the stock of government securities available with it at a point in time. Other than the institutions, now individuals will also be able to participate in this market (as per the Union Budget 2016-17).

  4. Other Tools Market Stabilisation Scheme (MSS): This instrument for monetary management was introduced in 2004. Surplus liquidity of a more enduring nature arising from large capital inflows is absorbed through sale of short- dated government securities and treasury bills The mobilized cash is held in a separate government account with the Reserve Bank. The instrument thus has features of both, SLR and CRR.

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