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Characteristics of Particles of Matter
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The lesson explains the particle nature of matter and its characteristics.

Prakriti Bhonsle is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Prakriti Bhonsle
MSc(hons) Chemistry, Panjab University, Profession-Chemistry lecturer || “Speak what you Seek”

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I had problems in understand the basic concepts of data structures but after watching this video all my doubts are clear . Thank you mam.
Mumuksha Pant
a year ago
I'm glad it helped :)
Actually this is a bit complex for this you should know what are hydrogen bonds. simple explanation is that in the molecule of H2O electrons are slightly closer to oxygen atom due to it's more electronegative nature. due to this oxygen atom gains a partial negative charge and hydrogen gains a partial positive charge. due to this different atoms of other H2O molecule attract each other. for example oxygen of one H2O molecule attract hydrogen of other molecule. due to which it forms a cage like structure having empty space in it. due to cage like structure it has large volume and density is inversely proportional to volume. implies it has less density than water. due to which it floats
Mam, plz explain the fact that why ice floats on water...
ice has more density than water hence ice floats
ice has more density than water hence ice floats
Subhankar Roy
21 days ago
not bro this is not the reason.....if one has more density than it will not float, it will be submerged.
Subhankar Roy
21 days ago
ice has 9% low density than water.
mam, plz give the answer..
Mam i didnt understand about the activity ( Matter is made up of particles
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