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Clock Problems - Type III - Example 1
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Riya Agarwal
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In some books, when they say time gain, they are subtracting the gained time from the hour to show the original time. As in, for this example 8 PM - 1 hour = 7 PM. Thus having a 1 hour gain. Ma'am, what is the actual concept?
Harsh Agarwal
6 months ago
but if u say by that language then 7 is also wrong...bcoz at 7 it will show 7:55 so by that approach it should be somewhere between 7:00-7:05. mam can u help with this
Harsh Agarwal
6 months ago
it will be 7'04"02
Ma'am when will you upload the next lesson?
Ma'am please add more examples on this concept like three watch A, B and C ring together at 12 AM. B run 2 minute fast and C run 2 minute slow in an hour. After how much time will they again ring together?
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