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Course Overview
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Whole Course Overview is discussed with the future plans and the serial order of the chapters. I also discuss my plans on the chapter Alkanes along with all the reagents and the mechanisms. Make sure to click the *Enroll* button to receive notifications.

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Sachin Rana
IIT Bombay | Taught three under 100 AIR in JEE Advanced | YouTube: Sachin Rana (180k+ subs) | Qualified NSEA | Passionate Teacher.

Unacademy user
Bhaiya u should teach GOC first.. For class 11th students and. For students who are going to appear for jee advanced this year also.. Firstly GOC is a must chapter which is to be understood.. Without this any student can stuck idmf he /she doesn't know the basic points..
Sachin Rana
3 years ago
You won't face problems in my videos. GOC is a long topic. I am trying to cover the most important topics first.
3 years ago
GOC is there on Sir's you tube page
Anjali Goswami
3 years ago
Thanks sachin sir
Sachin Rana
3 years ago
Hii sachin bhaiya.. Good evening it's seriously commendable job that you're doing in collaboration with unacademy as you'll be preoccupied with your own work hats off to you for taking time and inspiring and teaching other students!!
Sachin Rana
3 years ago
Thank you.
Bro in hydroboration, if dil.H2SO4 it replaces BH2 by H, if dil.D2SO4 it replaces BH2 by D. Now if HDSO4 is used then what will be the product? Please reply bro.
Sachin Rana
3 years ago
There will be a mixture of products but the ratio won't be 1:1
Raja Durai
3 years ago
thank you very much bro. can't we say which is major product?
Rishabh Kumar
a year ago
I think it'll again replace BH2 by H, because it is easier to break the bond b/w H and O as compared to D and O
u have a crystal clear concept sir. The way u teach is really very good. Hats off for u sir for inspiring other students. thanku so much.
Sachin Rana
3 years ago
Thank you :)
Diksha Diksha
3 years ago
Bhaiya can you tell me what should be the correct method of watching these videos, is it one video per day or two or any other? I'm a JEE 2018 aspirant
Sachin Rana
3 years ago
It's completely on your wish. But I would recommend to watch a video and then practice the video on yourself.
  1. MY PLAN IS TO TAKE THE FOLLOWING CHAPTERS IN THE MENTIONED SERIAL ORDER: 1. Alkanes 2. Alkenes 3. Alkynes 4. Alkadienes 5. Aromatic Hydrocarbons 6. Aromatic Nitro Compounds 7. Alkyl Halides 8. Aryl Halides 9. Amines 10. Alcohols 11. Phenols 12. Ethers 13. Aldehydes, Ketones, Carboxylic Acids 14. Carbohydrates 15. General Organic Chemistry 16. Practical Organic Chemistry

  2. PLAN FOR THE CHAPTER ALKANES: Video course will be of (10+1) videos. Each video ranges from around 8 mins to 10 mins All reagents, reactions and mechanisms will be discussed. The plan for the course ALKANES will be executed in the following manner: 1. Rate of Adsorption, Degree of Unsaturation 2. Reduction of Alkenes/Alkynes, Redox reactions 3. Hydroboration reaction. 4. Grignard reagent. 5. Reduction by LiAIH4, Frankland reagent. 6. Reduction by P+HI 7. Clemenson's Reduction, Wolf Kishner's Reduction. 8. Corey House Synthesis, Kolbe's Electrolysis 9. Decarboxylation of Carboxylic Acids. 10. Halogenation Orientation Previous Year Questions.