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In this chapter, we discuss the outlines of this course.

Binati Sheth
An Avid Reader. A Teacher. An Aid worker. An Engineer (E&C). A Writer. Budding Art Connoisseur. A philomath. A Shōnen Otaku.

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mem meri bsc 1st year chal rahi hai kya me graduation complete hone ke baad b.ed Kar Sakta hoon according to ncte
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Binati Sheth
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Request Unacademy help to provide the active link. There are many groups and I don’t know which one is empty. They’ll help you in a jiffy :)
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Request Unacademy help to provide the links :) I don’t know which groups are empty.
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  3. CAT Critical Reasoning

  4. "Critical Reasoning is differentiating between VALID and INVALID arguments/reasoning." What we'll learn: 1.Skills 2.Decision making ability 3. Tricks


  6. Question Statement Identification Deconstruction Eliminate And Decide Goal Checking

  7. These questions logic can be used in Reading Comprehension Paragraph Formation Paragraph Completion The Odd one out of four Inference questions Conclusion Questions Argument Questions Fill in the blanks

  8. IMPORTANT CR TERMS PREMISE ...reasons; essentially points in the argument to support the conclusion ARGUMENT CONCLUSION ...a passage..the main idea (title/objective) of the passage through which the author tries to convince the reader with opinions, facts, suggestions, etc.

  9. Question Identification: Understand the question type. Find out the clues. Think of probable assumptions and conclusions. Statement Deconstruction: What is the flow of the argument? Identify facts, premise, counter arguments. Goal Checking: What the question seeks to ask? What are the likely traps? Eliminate and Decide: Read each option analytically and try to find the reasons for eliminations. The best one left is the answer.

  10. Reasoning Evaluating Problem Analysing Solving Decision Making