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In these videos, I shall be discussing about some important tips which should be followed by every aspirant are studying in Class XI and Class XII.

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Sachin Rana
IIT Bombay | Taught three under 100 AIR in JEE Advanced | YouTube: Sachin Rana (180k+ subs) | Qualified NSEA | Passionate Teacher.

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Thank you sir. great effort. concept clearing lesson
thanks bro it is very helpful
your YouTube channel link please sir.. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
please make a video on sequence and series
brother .i need your help.. there is a question asked in neet this year. the answer given by cbse differs from our coaching institute.. I want to challenge bcz 5 mark may play very crucial role in my selection to good medical college... the question is" which of the following statement is not true? "
1-All but fluorine show positive oxidation state. 2-all r oxidising agents. 3-all form monobasic oxyacids 4-chlorine has highest electron gain enthalpy. plz suggest..the ans key challenge gonna close on 27 may... I need your help as soon as possible.. confusion between 1st and 3rd option..
  1. PLAN FOR THE CHAPTER CLASS XI AND XII TPS: The course will be of 5 videos. Each video ranges from around 10 mins to 15 mins. All tips for each unit will be discussed. Kindly click on the Enroll button so that you receive the notifications and there's no confusion regarding the videos You can Review the course too. A good review gives a lot of mental support to me for my hardwork.

  2. 1. Course Overview. 2. Tips for Mathematics. 3. Tips for Chemistry 4. Tips for Physics. 5. Best way to Watch my Unacademy Videos.