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Crisis and Christianity: The Decline of Rome, c. 150 - 350 CE
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In this lesson, I discuss the catastrophic decline of the Roman Empire, and the emergence of Christianity as a major religious force. I show how the ideology of the Romans shaped and influenced Christianity, and end with the death of the last pagan (non-Christian) Roman emperor, Julian the Apostate.

Anirudh Kanisetti
BITS Pilani (Goa), history blogger, artist, podcaster.

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the answer of the last question is Sunday...not monday
Lesson is pretty well designed, a bit problem with voice qaulity..
It was really an amazing lecture :) I have not learnt about this topic like this before. Though I have read Glimpses of World History which is the simplest book to read still I did not grasp this topic precisely. The way you teach is an extraordinary :) Thank you, sir :)
The first is the campaign of the Hepthalites or the White huns coming for invading India (know it from the passage of India ????
That's right, Varun! Glad you paid attention in that course :)
Varun Negi
3 years ago
But sir I am double glad to have a teacher like you who not only teaches without any expectations of return/remuneration but is also responsive enough to clear each and every doubts and comments of his students. Really grateful.Thank you very much Anirudh!!
My pleasure, Varun!
2. Emperor Justinian and Attendants. Mosaic on north wall of the apse, Church of San Vitale- early Christian Byzantine art and architecture in Europe.
It's great thing to know that CHRISTIANITY has sustained such brutal emperor's.
  1. Crisis and Christianity

  2. Welcome back! I'm Anirudh. I'm a history blogger, artist and BITS Pilani (Goa) graduate. You can find me at (Top writer on history!)

  3. The Romans stop expanding The ideology and reforms of Augustus can no longer work in a rapidly changing world District of Constantius as District of Maximian as A District of Galerius as Caes District of Diocletian as Au North Sea BRITANNIAE BRITAIN GERMANN ITALIA Dioceses and boundary District capitals ct capita Trier Tours DACIA ATLANTIC OCEAN VIENNENSIS Black Sea BALKAN THRACIA Corsica Nicomedia PONTICA SPAIN ASIANA Mediterranean Bethiehienm SYRIA ORIE AFRICAe editerranean Sea PAI EGYPT 500 miles

  4. The Empire Declines Why, and what can we learn from it?

  5. Death of Marcus Aurelius: 180 CE The Philosophers who Ruled From Hadrian to Marcus Aurelius "A little flesh, a little breath, and a reason to rule.. That is myself. -Marcus Aurelius 117 AD Google: The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

  6. Commodus assassinated: 192 CE Disaster afier Disasteir The utter idiocy of Commodus; the army grows increasingly brash Watch: Gladiator (2000)

  7. Severan Dynasty: 193-235 CE Severus' Screw-Up The army is now consuming more and more of the GDP, and is straining the economy and polity Google: The Gordian Emperors

  8. Shapur captures Valerian at Edessa: 260 CE The Crisis of the Third Century Civil War, undisciplined armies, inflation and disease: the Empire begins to shatter e Gallic Empire e Roman Empire Palmyrene Empire Google: The Crisis of the Third Century

  9. Aurelian Assassinated: 275 CE Wait. Is there hope after all? The tough soldier-emperors from Illyria, and their reconquests Google: Queen Zenobia of Palmyra

  10. Accession of Diocletian: 284 CE Nope. The Roman Empire can no longer continue as it was: Diocletian's reforms and the last persecution of Christians District of Constantius as Caesar District of Maximian as Augustus District Of Galerius as Caesar District of Diocletian as Augustus BRITANNIAE BRITAIN GERMANI ITALIA Dioceses and boundary Trier District capitals Tours OSTROGOTHS LPSPANNON LYRIA ATLANTIC OCEAN VIENNENSIS BALKAN Black Sea . Nursia Corsica THRACIA SPAIN ARMENIA PONTICA ASIANA Athens> JL ASIANA Carthage Mediterranean Sea SYRIA AFRICA Cprus ORIEN PALESTIN ARABE EGY 250 500 miles 250 500 kilometers Google: Palace of Diocletian

  11. 2 The Messiah? A brief history of Christianity

  12. The Many, Many Religions of Rome For a very long time, Christianity was no more than a minor cult

  13. Constantine Crowned in York: 306 CE Constantine the Great A new imperial ideology District of Constantius as Caesar District of Maximian as Augustus District of Galerius as Caesar District of Diocletian as Augustus Dioceses and boundary District capitals North Sea BRITANNIAE ] L [ ITALIA w\x | BRITAIN GERMAN Trier Tours GALLIA NNON LYRIA ATLANTIC DACIA OCEAN VIENNENSIS ITALIA Black Sea Corsica Rome Nursia OESIAE THRAGIA Chalcedo Nicomedia PONTICA ARMENIA SPAIN Sardinia Athens ASIANA Mediterranean Sea Crete ean SeaORIE SYRIA AFRICA PALESTIN a sethlehem ARABI 500 miles EGYPT ARAB 250 500 kilometers

  14. Foundation of Constantinople: 324 CE The City of World's Desire A new capital for a new, Christian Empire Google: The Walls of Constantinople

  15. Death of Julian the Apostate: 363 CE The Last Stand of Paganism The heroic Jalian thep, ad fails, st The heroic Julian the Apostate tries, and fails, to restore paganism. Christianity is confirmed as the religion of Rome psm Christianity s confirmed as "Thou hast conquered, Galilean!" Fulian the Apostate (probably apocryphal) Read: Julian, by Gore Vidal

  16. What's next?