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CRR and SLR in Detail (in Hindi)
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Cash reserve ratio and statutory liquidity ratio

Aartee Mishra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Aartee Mishra
Delhi University Topper Post Graduated in History Founder - Rank secure IAS Academy 4 Years Experience Use code : RANK10 for Mentorship

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The current slr ratio is 19% and crr ratio is 4%
one question; if bank gets insolvent ,would central bank return that crr money to commercial bank?
ma'am just awesome...pehle chapter me hi clear ho gya tha...aur ye chapter to kbhi bhoolne hi nhi dega # Engineering student
you are explaining in a lucid manner..Thank you mam
slr me buss gold asset hi use hotaa kyaaa ???....
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  2. lam Aartee Mishra Graduated from Delhi University, Topper in all my semesters, Pursuing P.G and preparing for CSE. 2 Years of teaching experience of General Studies for competitive examination Have been teaching on Unacademy Plus

  3. CREDIT AND MONETARY POLICY To control inflation and the growth, RBI uses certain tools like CASH RESERVE RATIO, STATUTORY LIQUIDITY RATIO, REPO RATE, and REVERSE REPO RATE CRR (When CRR rate is 6%) BANK RBI CRR60 Deposit 1111 1000 940 Balance The current CRR is 4%. If RBI cuts CRR in its next monetary policy review then it will mean banks will be left with more money to lend or to invest. So, more money can be released into the economy which may spur economic growth.

  4. What is Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR)? -Besides CRR, Banks have to invest certain percentage of their deposits in specified financial securities like Central Government or State Government securities. This percentage is known as SLR This money is predominantly invested in government approved securities (bonds), Gold, which mean the banks can earn some amount as 'interest on these investments as against CRR where they do not earn anything

  5. What is Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR)? So to meet both CRR and SLR requirements, bank have to earmark Rs 260 (Rs 60 + Rs 200). SLR (When SLR rate is 20%) ANK SLR 200 1000 Deposit 800 Balance Higher reserve requirements such as SLR make banks relatively safe (as a certain portion of their deposits are always redeemable) but at the same time restrict their capacity to lend. To that extent, lowering of reserve requirement increases the resources available with a bank to lend and helps control inflation and propels growth Interest CRR SLR (When CRR rate is 6% + SLR rate is 20%) RBI BANK CRR SLR 60 + 200 1000 Deposit 740 Balance Distribute as Individual Corporate Loan

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