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Diversity in Living Organisms : Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Biodiversity, Taxonomy, Nomenclature

Sanyam Mehta
I am an IT professional cum teacher/trainer BTech ITIL certified Allow me to share my knowledge with you. Concentration and hardwork are t

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mam in last solved example Na is reduced and S is oxidised, but in the screen it in written wrong.
Mano Bharath
3 months ago
no it's right
Thanks for video sir thats a easy way to learn any thingss
what is pathogenic bacteria?
sir can you please explain me what is genus ??
sir you r great.I watched so many videos and books but can't able to understand. After watching ur videos I'm able to understand this hard chapter. thanku so much☺
sir your great thing is you are going Deep and give knowledge so sir please make some more video on class 9th CBSE
Sanyam Mehta
2 years ago
  1. Sanyam Mehta IT Professional Private Sector 10 Years of Teaching Topic Of Discussion: Science Class IX: Diversity In Living Organisms (Part-1)

  2. Diversity In a Living Organism Diversity in a Living Organism: 1. Also called as biodiversity 2. Defined as the number & varieties of living organisms present in a particular area/region 3. Measured as richness in species i.e number & types of organisms in a region 4. 1.9 billion species are found on earth 5. Different species of organisms differ from one another in external structure, habitat & mode of nutrition 6. These different species of organisms are arranged in a sequence in a systematic manner

  3. Important Terminologies to Understand Taxonomy Taxis +nomia 1. Taxis means arrangement 2. Nomia means method 3. Taxonomy is defined as "branch of biology which deals with systematic method of arrangement that deals with identification, description, nomenclature & classification of living organisms". 93

  4. Important Terminologies to Understand Nomenclature Naming System in general 1. In biological science, it is called as Biological Nomenclature/ Binary Nomenclature 2. Also known as two term naming system 3. Is a formal system of naming type of a living organisms by giving each one a name consisting of two words : first part is name of genus & second part is name of species

  5. Thank You Students From : Unacademy