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Economic Reforms 1991 (in Hindi)
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LPG Introduction

Aartee Mishra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Aartee Mishra
Delhi University Topper Post Graduated in History Founder - Rank secure IAS Academy 4 Years Experience Use code : RANK10 for Mentorship

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on July 24,1991 : new industrial policy
very painful back ground in video .....plzz change the quality super
very nice mam😊 students may play at 1×25x
very nice mam😊 students may play at 1×25x
Madam what is Balance of Payment? How it is calculated??
Geeta Kc
a year ago
According to the RBI, balance of payment is a statistical statement that shows 1. The transaction in goods, services and income between an economy and the rest of the world, 2. Changes of ownership and other changes in that economy’s monetary gold, special drawing rights (SDRs), and financial claims on and liabilities to the rest of the world, and 3. Unrequited transfers.
a year ago
Thank You..
  1. Daily Lecture Series Ramesh Singh's A brief Summary of unacadeny Indian Economy By Aartee Mishra Economic Reforms-A Hindi

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  3. Economic Reforms The economic reforms initiated in 1991 is now into the 27th year Popularly, economic reforms denote the process in which a government prescribes declining role for the state and expanding role for the private sector in an economy It is safer to see economic reform as a policy shift in an economy from one to another or 'alternative development strategies' ECONOMIC REFORMS IN INDIA On July 23, 1991, India launched a process of economic reforms in response to a fiscal and balance-of-payment (BoP) crisis

  4. Obligatory Reform Similar reform process started by some other economies since the 1980s were voluntary decisions of the concerned countries But in the case of India it was an involuntary decision taken by the government of the time in the wake of the BoP crisis Under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) programme of the IMF, countries get external currency support from the fund to mitigate their B0P crisis, but such supports have some obligatory conditionalities put on the economy to be fulfilled The ultimate goal of the IMF was to help India bring about equilibirium in its F was to help India bring about in BoP situation in the short-term and go for macroeconomic and structural adjustments so that in future the economy faces no such crisis

  5. The LPG The process of reforms in India has to be completed via three other processes namely, liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation, known popularly by their short-form, the LPG >These three processes specify the characteristics of the reform process India initiated Precisely seen, liberalisation shows the direction of reform, privatisation shows the path of reform and globalisation shows the ultimate goal of the reformlt means that the process of decreasing traits of a state economy and increasing traits of a market economy is liberalization s of illiberalisatio speaking, both the processes will be known as the processes of economic reforms

  6. The LPG It means, in the Indian case the term liberalisation is used to show the direction of the economic reforms-with decreasing influence of the state or the planned or the command economy and increasing influence of free market or the capitalistic economy seate or the planned or the Impact of 25 Years of Indian Economic Reforms It is a move towards capitalism. India is attempting to strike its own balance of the 'state-market mix It means, even if the economic reforms have the direction towards market economy it can never be branded a blind- run to capitalism

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