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English East India Company (in Tamil)
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This Lesson is about English East India Company (Introduction).

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  2. . Name: V.Komala Valli . Qualification: M. Tech IT Experience 3 Years as Assistant Professor Hobbies: Reading Books, Listening Music

  3. THE ENGLISH EAST INDIA COMPANY **English East India company was started by 100 London Merchants who received permission from Queen ElizabethI English East India Company established on 31 December 1600 as per the Royal Charter issued by theQueen of England, Elizabeth I King James-I of SentC England (The Company) Captain Hawkins JAHANGIR in 1608

  4. Permission to establish a "factory" at Surat. Failure) In 16 13. Jahangir issued the permission East India Company Slowly the English East India Company succeeded in expanding its v' Sir Thomas Roe obtained more trading rights and privileges for the V English set up business centres at Agra, Ahmedabad and Broach. area of trade.

  5. Established- City of Madras I tin 1639 Co Francis Day ( ctedf Fort St. George(In 1640) Constructed Francis Day bought piece land from Raja of Chandragiri and laid the foundation of Modern Madras. Charles ITKing of England) married Catherine the daughter of the king of Portugal. He got Bombay, a small village as a part of dowry Company obtained Bombay on lease from their King, Charles II for a rent of 10 pounds per annum in 1668.

  6. In 1699 East India Company got permission from Aurangazeb and set up a factory at Calcutta. Later they built the a fort and named as William Fort after the King William III Job Charnock, who named it Fort William after the English King, William II.

  7. Job Charnock Purchased 3 villages 1.Sutanuti 2.Govindpur 3 KalikattaGrew into The city of Calcutta In 1690) East India Company Agent . The factories and trading centres along the sea-coast of India were grouped under three presidencies namely Bombay, Madras and Calcutta

  8. BATTLE OF PLASSEY IN 1757 After the Battle of Plassey in 1757 and the Battle of Buxar in 1764, the Company became a political power: Battle of Plassey in 1757 Not to Fortify Siraj-ud-daulah French (Obeyed) & English (Refused and misused the trade privileges) Nawab of Bengal Marched with his army & captured Calcutta 146 members (Captives) & they werelockedin one small oom Only 23 were survived Most ofthem died dueto Suffocation) Black Hole Tragedy

  9. On hearing the black hole tragedy Admiral Watson and Robert Clive were sent to Calcutta. They captured Calcutta. On 23rd June 1757 Siraj-ud-daulah met Robert Clive in a village called Plassey near Calcutta Nawab was defeated and killed. e British appointed Mir Jafar as the Nawab of Bengal.

  10. BATTLE OF BUXAR IN 1764 . After few years Mir Jafar was removed and Mir Qasim was made the Nawab of Bengal. e A misunderstanding between Mir Qasim and British. So Mir Quasim also removed Shuja-ud-daulah (Nawb of Oudh) Against British & invade Bengal AllianceS Shah Alam II (Mughal Emperor) |- .A battle between combined army of Indian Rulers and Brithish took place at Buxar on October 22,1764

  11. e India was under the East India Company's rule till 1858 when it came under the direct administration of the British Crown. . Robert Clive was the first Governor of Fort William under the Company's rule. He was succeeded by Verelst and Cartier. Fort William

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