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Expected McQ'S on History Of J and k. For JKSSB Exams
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In this lesson i have discuss about expected mcqs on history of j and k...

Mohammad Irfan Lone
I Was Born In Kashmir in 1995. Engineer by Education Educator by Profession Youtuber by Passion

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  1. LESSON 8 TOPIC:-Expected MCQ'S on History of J&K Unacedemy Profile -https:l/ rfaan

  2. 1, who was Last ruling King of J&K ? Ans Raja Hari Singh

  3. 2. Who killed Mian Dido ? Ans Gulab Singh

  4. 3. Who founded Jammu ? Ans Raja Jambu Lochan

  5. 4. When was Amritsar Treaty Signed? Ans 1846

  6. 5. Who was the First Prime Minister of J&K ? Ans Justice Mehar Chand Mahajan

  7. 6. Who was the First Justice of J&K High Court? Ans Justice Kawar Singh

  8. 7, who was the First Sadr-e-riyasat of J&K ? Ans Dr Karan Singh

  9. 8. The Territories of J&K were were transferred to Gulab Sing through which Treaty? Ans Treaty of Amritsar

  10. 9. Who wrote the Book Titled Aitash-e-Chinar? Ans Sheikh Abdullah

  11. . Who was the First Mughal emperor to Rule J&K? Ans Akbar

  12. 13. In which year "Treaty of Amritsar" signed? Ans 1846

  13. 16. The Title "Sadr-e-Riyasat" for governor and Prime Minis for Chief Minister was abolished in? er Ans 1965

  14. 19. What is the amount that Gulab Singh paid to acquire Kashmir from British? Ans 75 Lakh Rupees

  15. 20. Who was the last ruling king of J&K? Ans Hari Singh

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