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Expected Questions on Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir For Jkssb Exams(in Hindi)
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In this lesson i have discuss abt expected questions on constitution of j and k

Mohammad Irfan Lone
I Was Born In Kashmir in 1995. Engineer by Education Educator by Profession Youtuber by Passion

Unacademy user
thanks mam.....well explained.....
upsc ke liyea bi batana ji
Uska liya b yahe ha
Shweta Singh
a year ago
mtlb ki yei video impt.hai upsc ke liyea sir
what is the article 35a means
Article 35a allows j n k legislature to define the list of permanent residents of the state like 1.are eligible to vote 2.can work for the state govt. 3.can own land and buy property 4.can secure public employment and college admission etc....
thanks sir..... I want more support from ur side to crack a state psc...
ok dear i will always support u
  1. Course Name: Expected MCQ'S On Jammu and Kashmir for Govt.Exams (JKPSC/KAS)

  2. LESSON 1 TOPIC:-Expected Questions on Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K)

  3. 1. When was J&K Constituent Assembly was constituted? A. sept.1950 B. sept. 1951 C. oct 1951 D. oct. 1950 Ans: Sept, 1951

  4. 2 The constitution of J&K was adopted on? A. 13 nov 1956 B. 13 dec 1956 C. 16 nov 1956 D. 17 nov. 1956 Ans: 17th Nov, 1956

  5. 3. When did constitution of J&k comes into force ? A. 26th jan 195.7 B. 25th jan 1957 C. 14th jan 1957 D. 15th Jan 1947 Ans 26th Jan, 1957

  6. 4. Chairman of Drafting Committee of J&K Constituent Assembly? A. sh. Girdhari lal Dogra B. sheikh Abdulla C. Ghulam Mohammad Bakshi D. mufti Mohammad Syed Ans Sh. Girdhari Lal Dogra

  7. 5. When did J&K Acceded with India? A, 26TH OCT 1947 B. 26TH NOV 1947 C. 18TH OCT 1947 D. 15TH OCT 1947 Ans 26th Oct, 1947

  8. 6 . How many Parts are there in the constitution of J&K? A. PART XI B. PART X C. PART XIII D. PART XX Ans Part-XIllth (13th)

  9. 7. Which Section of J&K constitution deals with Fundamental Rights? A. SECTION 10 B. SECTION 9 C. SECTION 8 D. SECTION 5 Ans Section-10

  10. . Which Part of J&K's constitution describes its Relationship with India? A. PART II B. PART III C. PART IV D. PART V Ans Part-Il

  11. 9. Which Section Deals with Right to compulsory and Free Education A. SECTION 20 B. SECTION 10 C. SECTION 9 D. SECTION 5 Ans Section-20

  12. 12. Which Part of Constitution deals with "Permanent Residents"? A. Part IlI B. Part C. Part IV D. PartI Ans Part-IlI

  13. 15. How many parts are there in constitution of Jammu & Kashmir? A. 15 B. 21 C. 13 D. NOTA Answer:C. 13

  14. 18. Under which section Governor rule can be imposed in J&K? A. Section-92 B. Section-91 C. Section-90 D. Section-93 Answer:A. Section-92

  15. 19. Which regional language was added j&k constitution by 26 ammendment act 1999? A. Balti B. Dadri C. Gojri D. Punjabi Answer:c. Gojri

  16. 23. Right to property according to constitution of J&K is? A. Legal right B. Fundamental right C. Ordinary right , NOTA Answer:B. Fundamental right