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Extensive coverage of Geography through NCERT (Class-11th)-An Overview (in Hindi)
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Ultimate course for Fundamentals of Physical Geography through class 11th Ncert

Sudarshan Gurjar is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sudarshan Gurjar
India's Top Geography Educator | Explore the World of Geography like a pro with Number 1 Educator for UPSC-CSE

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bro,one doubt- can we conclude that pyrolysis of esters give an alcohol along with main product (in all your examples their is a alcohol term)
sir aap Fundamental of Geography nhi paduge kya.....sir plz reply
thank you so much sir your course are very usefull for dedicated student
Excellent explanation.. thank u sir!
  1. Extensive Coverage of NCERT (Class 11th) Geography By Sudarshan Gurjar


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  4. Mentored more than 10,000 students. . Plus Courses Current Affairs & In-Depth Editorial Analysis. Geography & Current Issues of Environment. Complete Course on Indian Geography. Geography through Maps. Art & Culture of Madhya Pradesh. Focused course on Climatology with Practice Questions. Geography made easy through Maps. Complete Course on Physical Geography & Disaster Management . . By Sudarshan Gurjar (UPSC-CSE/State PSCs)

  5. A New Plus Course On World Geography through Maps UPSC CSE-2019 Sudarshan Gurjar UNACADEMY PLUS

  6. Overview 1. The Origin and Evolution of the Earth 2. Interior of the Earth 3. Distribution of Oceans and Continents 4. Minerals and Rocks 5. Geomorphic Processes 6. Landforms and their Evolution 7. Composition and Structure of Atmosphere 8. Solar Radiation, Heat Balance and Temperature 9. Atmospheric Circulation and Weather Systems 10. Water in the Atmosphere 11. World Climate and Climate Change 12. Water (Oceans) 13. Movements of Ocean Water > 14. Life on the Earth 15. Biodiversity and Conservation