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Fidel Castro Became President of Cuba
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On this date a Cuban communist revolutionary and politician became the President of Cuba.

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Ma'am YOU ROCK! no words! you have a gr8 knowledge about history!
Long live Fidel Castro, Raul Castro and Che Guevara
please make a video on global warming world biggest crisis of present days
Huge fan of your voice and pronunciation ma'am.
a complete video about Castro superb maam
a complete video about Castro superb maam
  1. 2nd December, 1976 Fidel Castro became the president of Cuba

  2. CUBA

  3. olal Castro established the first communist state in the Western Hemisphere after overthrowing Batista.

  4. Ruled Cuba for 50 years

  5. Abolished legal discrimination Brought electricity to the countryside Provided full employment Provided education and health care

  6. Closed down opposition newspapers Jailed thousands of political opponents

  7. CUBA US

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  9. Bay of Pigs Invasion