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Geography Syllabus Overview (in Kannada)
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Syllabus of Geography for KPSC

Deepak N Chauhan
Studies and Superbikes are my Passion 🤞🏻

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sir ye colligm system kya h?
Kumar Madhukar
2 years ago
college or group of members or bodies.
Mr Deepak Can i Get notes for this anywhere
Sir if you don't mind can you teach lesson on Indian climate. Natural vegetation in India, Indian soil, Indian agriculture..
I. am watching your ur lecturing is too good... But still you should add some more important point ..
ಸಾರ್, upsc ಗೆ ಸಂಬಂಧಿಸಿದಂತೆ world Geography chapters ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿಯೇ ಮಾಡಿ
thank you sir . we looking new course like this. super sit
Deepak N Chauhan
2 years ago
Thanks a lot :-)
sir please can you share ur contact no .
my number is 8884857555. share ur no sir
  1. Welcome to New Course Geography through Maps Kannada

  2. unacademy Ho Explore Plus Search Courses, Topics&Educator Login Deepak N Chauhan VERIFIED Follow Verified Educator on Unacademy. Trying to Contribute in Making Clivi Service preparation in Kannada Simple for Kannadigas C 18,960 Viows in last 30 days 95,421 Lifetime Viens 35 Courses 5.1k Followers Folowing Crash CoursePSKarnataka Editorials Environment &logy Question Paper January 2019 (KA DA) By Deepak N Chauhan By Deepak N Chauhan y Deepak N Chauhan (Kannada) Environment and Ecology for KPSC (Kannada) PSI Exam Paper Analysis 2019 for KPSC (Kannada) Editorials January 2019 3 Lessons 3 Lessons 18 Lessons ratings-2 reviews ratings 0 revlews 16 ratings 5eviews Daily News Translation (PSII ESI I KPSC Exams) January 2019 January 2019 By Deepak N Chauhan By Deepak N Chauhan By Deepak N Chauhan Kannada) Mock Questions KPSC (Kannada) Daily News Analysis Kannada) Translation for PSI and ESI


  4. Syllabus GENERAL PRINCIPLES: i) Physical Geography ii) Human Geography iii) Economic Geography iv) Cartography v) Development of Geographical thought

  5. GEOGRAPHY OF THE WORLD i) World Land Forms, climates, Soils and Vegitation ii) Natural regions of the World iii) World Population; Growth and distribution, Races of mankind and international migration, Cultural realms of the world. iv) World agriculture; fishing and forestry. minerals and energy resources. World Industries. v) Regional study of Africa. South-East Asia, South-West Asia. Anglo-America, U.S.S.R. and China.

  6. GEOGRAPHY OF INDIA WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO KARNATAKA i) Physiography, climate, soils and vegetation. ii) Irrigation and agriculture; Forestry and fisheries iii) Minerals and energy resources iv) Industries and Industrial Development v) Population and Settlement

  7. We will Cover 1) Maps 2) General Geography 3) Questions and Answers 4) MCQs

  8. Target Audience 1) KPSC 2) UPSC 3) Interest in Learning Geography 4) Other Govt. exams

  9. ROLL

  10. Meet You in Lesson 1