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IELTS Listening Strategies
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IELTS Listening Strategies are discussed here. It'll help people to decode the key areas that need attention and help score a high band in the exam.

Tejasvini Susarla
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  1. ELTS Listening Strategies Tejasvini

  2. Hello I am Tejasvini aka TJ I am pursuing Masters in Business Analytics & Systems from SUNY- New York & MBA from Amrita University Apart from my Academics, I am a traveller and dancer by hobby. Huge Pop Culture & Anime Fan. 2

  3. 1. Practice Makes Perfect There is no shortcut to success Make it a habit to do as many practice tests as possible with regular intervals.

  4. Test Overview Section Context No of Speakers Conversation b/w 2 people Social Needs Social NeedsSpeech by one speaker Educational /Conversation (2-4 2 Training people) Academic 4 Speech by one speaker 4

  5. Topics Involved in Listening Section x multiple choice x short-answer questions x sentence completion xnotes/summary/diagram/flow chart/table completion x labelling a diagram which has numbered parts X Classification x matching

  6. You will be provided with instructions on the test paper on how to answer the questions, and they are clear and easy to follow. You will be given examples of any unfamiliar question types. During the IELTS listening test, you are given time to read the questions and enter and then check your answers. You enter your answers on the question paper as you listen and when the tape ends ten minutes are allowed for you to transfer your answers to an Answer Sheet.

  7. A Progressive Section The difficulty of exam rises throughout each section.

  8. Strategies to be followed Always circle the instructions regarding number of words in your answer 1. they change throughout the exam. Notice the question number order on diagrams, flowcharts and tables - this is the order you will hear the information. 2. 3. When you transfer your answers to the answer sheet make sure you write the answer in the correct space-too many students have made mistakes here and lost all their points

  9. 4. The answer is a letter (A, B, C etc.) make sure you write the letter not the actual word from the listening- another mistake so many students have Made. 5. If your answer is a name make sure the first letter is a Capital letter 6. For short answer questions or gap fills try to predict the answer, or at least think about the grammar of the answer, before listening.

  10. Interpretation Pay attention to any other clues in the map for example, you are given a compass icon in the corner telling you where 'North', 'South', East' and West' are. This means it is likely that these phrases will be used to direct you. So listen out for them. You are also given your location - in the tower 10

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