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IELTS Preparation Tips and Techniques
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Fun Way to Learn for IELTS exam and Practice it everyday

Tejasvini Susarla
Pursuing MBA and MS Won several accolades in JAM's , Poetry, Essay Writing and Debates. Hobbies include Zumba and Boxing !

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Shabeeb C
a year ago
pause it nd write
  1. IELTS 1 Month Study Plan Tejasvini

  2. Hello I am Tejasvini aka TJ I am pursuing Masters in Business Analytics & Systems from SUNY- New York & MBA from Amrita University Apart from my Academics, I am a traveller and dancer by hobby. Huge Pop Culture & Anime Fan. 2

  3. There is no substitute for Hardwork Albert Einstein Remember Hard Work always paves way to success

  4. Plan Overview Part Pattern Listening Reading Writing Speaking 2 4 4

  5. The Reading Passages X Students tend to panic as time for test is fast approaching XThe key is to identify which area is causing trouble and where do you score lower scores in series of mock tests X Work on it X Practise!

  6. Listening Development X Listen to Podcasts, Radio , News X Try to note the key points XSummarise the essence of it in less than 100 words Learnings: Improves listening skills Will be able to judge the flow of conversation Summarising helps you to understand the context of it ! Fun Stress Buster Listen to Music (Preferably Pop / Rap Music to note follow the speed of pronunciation and familiarise yourself with different accents)

  7. Speaking Skills x Converse in English to your friends X Take any interesting news article and hold conversations Make your Profile (Describe what you are and how do you introduce Yourself) X Learnings: Response time for Questions Improve You improve your sentence structure framing and talk without fear Fun Stress Buster Have Impromptu JAM's Take any topic and speak for a minute everyday with accurate content delivery and speech

  8. Writing X Read writing sample essays. Collect useful words, phrases and sentence patterns from the samples. Think about how to improve the sample essays and write your own outline on the topic x Lookout for Past topics asked in Exam and Practise on it Learnings: Paraphrasing Speed and Accurate content delivery in given word limit Fun Stress Buster Start writing Diary Entries! You'll fall into place as everything you write will be in sequential order Look for words and synonyms in Dictionary to describe what you feel best (Eg) Happy - Ecstasy, Euphoria, Bliss Etc !!

  9. 1. Practise 2 sections everyday for atleast 2 hours 2. Dedicate Time and Effort 3Success is a By Product Don't Forget to Enjoy Watch Movies or Read Comics they're a great source of learning the Language !! 4. 5.

  10. Thanks! Any questions? You can find me at: x Unacademy x Follow, Share and Subscribe! 10