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IELTS Reading Strategies
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IELTS reading strategies are discussed here to help exam takers to focus of key areas to score a higher band.

Tejasvini Susarla
Pursuing MBA and MS Won several accolades in JAM's , Poetry, Essay Writing and Debates. Hobbies include Zumba and Boxing !

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Hi Sameer, Do you have any WhatsApp or telegram group for sharing the questions?
Tj thats a great video about speaking regarding Ielts, just simply thumbs up for you.... good work
  1. IELTS Reading Strategies Tejasvini

  2. Hello I am Tejasvini aka TJ I am pursuing Masters in Business Analytics & Systems from SUNY- New York & MBA from Amrita University Apart from my Academics, I am a traveller and dancer by hobby. Huge Pop Culture & Anime Fan. 2

  3. Practice Makes Perfect Practice creates confidence Confidence empowers you

  4. Test Overview Part Questions (60 min) 40 questions 2 3 readings Texts from journals, magazines, books, newspapers 3 4

  5. The Reading Passages X There are three reading passages with a total of 2,150-2,750 X If you're going to take notes in the IELTS Reading section, X What do I mean? I mean that you shouldn't take too many notes. words. Texts are taken from journals, magazines, books, and newspapers remember this: less is more. X Instead, your goal should be to take as few notes as possible. If you can write down a single word instead of a phrase, go with that. And the notes on your reading should never be written in complete sentences.

  6. Types of Questions in Essay' s IELTS usually falls into x short-answer questions X multiple choice X sentence completion X notes/summary/diagram/flow chart/table completion choosing a heading for a paragraph X identification of writer's views/claims -yes, no or not given x identification of information true, false or not given X Classification x matching lists/phrases

  7. Use Cues and Trigger words Don't write entire Sentences

  8. Scoring Criteria to Boost Band ! Vocabulary Analysis Pace Focus on Directions

  9. 1. Skimming Method-Read title and conclusion first 2. The heading is a give away of the topic of discussion As you skim, Bold the keywords in the text and write short notes as reminders in the text 3.

  10. Task Achievement Be strategic and Logical Remember First guess is best Guess 10