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IELTS Speaking Strategies
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IELTS speaking is the last exam of IELTS examination. The Strategies that would help the test takers are discussed here !

Tejasvini Susarla
Pursuing MBA and MS Won several accolades in JAM's , Poetry, Essay Writing and Debates. Hobbies include Zumba and Boxing !

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  1. IELTS Speaking Strategies Tejasvini

  2. Hello I am Tejasvini aka TJ I am pursuing Masters in Business Analytics & Systems from SUNY- New York & MBA from Amrita University Apart from my Academics, I am a traveller and dancer by hobby. Huge Pop Culture & Anime Fan. 2

  3. Practice Makes Perfect Knowledge is a Treasure, but practice is the key which unlocks it!

  4. Test Overview Part Duration Structure Introduction and questions 4-5 minutes areas such as work, study, hobbies, holidays 2 minute talk on a familiar topic Two-way discussion on 2 3 minutes 3 4-5 minutes issues related to the topic in part 2 4

  5. Speaking Drill! xThe Speaking test is the shortest part of the IELTS exam, lasting only 11-15 minutes. x However, for many test-takers this brief experience can seem to last an eternity!

  6. A typical conversation about x Family Work xHobbies X Skills X Why IELTS etc They gradually elevate the topics into a Conversation.

  7. When asked a question DO NOT STOP at Yes or No, Initiate further dialogue to show your command over the language

  8. Brownie Point Lie irn Expanding the answers Paraphrasing QuestionStick to the topic (Eg. )Did you read the news (Eg) Who helps you with X Donot divert from today? Bad Response: studying? Bad Response My brother helps me with studying Best Response My brother helps me study if i have difficulty with the assignment, otherwisei study on my own the conversation in place. Keep Calm and answer in few sentences, you don't have to speak a lot. Yes i did X No i did not Best Response Yes i did. As a football fan i'm glad India is hosting W-17 Tournament.

  9. Part 2 of Conversation X You will receive a "topic card" that contains a detailed, multi-part question X Take a look at this official sample prompt, script, and recording of a Task 2 question to get a sense of what to expect. You will have one minute to prepare a short speech in response to the topic card. Then you should speak for 1-2 minutes

  10. What is your Dream? What was your inspiration behind it ? Person / Event that Triggered Did you Alter your paths to follow this dream Why is this dream so important to you! - - 10