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Important information about World Bank - IBRD, IFC etc. (in Hindi)
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World Bank

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Aartee Mishra
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Thanks for making things clear
mam trade war se dusri countries pr kya effect hota h ?????? i hope ap reply kroge
mam aap hmara upsc corse eco ka cmplt krba dena pls
  1. Daily Lectuire Series Ramesh Singh's A brief imary of unacademy By Aartee Mishra International Economic Organizations& India Hindi

  2. I am Aartee Mishra Graduated from Delhi University, Topper in all my semesters, Pursuing P.G and preparing for CSE. 2 Years of teaching experience of General Studies for competitive examination Have been teaching on Unacademy Plus

  3. WORLD BANK- IBRD The World Bank (WB) Group today consists of five closely associated institutions propitiating the role of development in the member nations in different areas. A brief account is as follow The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development is the oldest of the WB institutions which started functioning (1945) in the area of reconstruction of the war- ravaged regions (World War lI) and later for the development of the middle-income and credit-worthy poorer economies of the world Human development was the main focus of the developmental lending with a very low interest rate (1.55 per cent per annum)-the areas of focus being agriculture, irrigation, urban development, healthcare, family welfare, dairy development, etc. It commenced lending for India in 1949. After the process of reforms started in the World Bank in 2010, India was alloted additional shares in IBRD (now holds 56,739 shares accounting to US $ 6,844.7 million). With this India emerged as the 7th largest shareholder (up from the 11th position) in IBRD with voting power of 2.91 per cent (up from 2.77 per cent)

  4. IDA The International Development Agency (IDA) which is also known as the soft window of the WB was set up in 1960 with the basic aim of developing infrastructural support among the member nations, long-term lending for the development of economic services. Its loans, known as credits are extended mainly to economies with less than $895 per capita income. The credits are for a period of 35-40 years, interest-free, except for a small charge to cover administrative costs. Repayment begins after a 10-year grace period. There was no human angle to its lending. But now there remain no hard and fast differences between the purposes for the IBRD and IDA lending. Every year developing nations make enough diplomatic attempts to carve out maximum loan disbursal for themselves. India had been the biggest beneficiary of the IDA support. The total support (IBRD IDA) for India had been $ 91.81 billion till date .

  5. IFC .The International Finance Corporation (IFC) was set up in 1956 which is also known as the private arm of the WB. It lends money to private sector companies of its member nations. The interest rate charged is commercial but comparatively low. There are many attractive features of IFC's lending. It finances and provides advice for private-public ventures and projects in partnership with private investors and, through it:s advisory work, helps governments of the member nations to create conditions that stimulate the flow of both domestic and foreign private savings and investment. It focuses on promoting economic development by encouraging the growth of productive enterprises and efficient capital markets in its member countries. It participates in an investment only when it can make a special contribution that complements the role of market investors (as a foreign financial investor (FFI). e It also plays a catalytic role, stimulating and mobilising private investment in the developing world by demonstrating that investments there too can be profitable. We have seen a great upsurge in the IFC investments in India which has undoubtedly strengthened the foreign investors' confidence in the Indian economy.

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