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Important Questions (II)
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Sachin Rana
IIT Bombay | Taught three under 100 AIR in JEE Advanced | YouTube: Sachin Rana (180k+ subs) | Qualified NSEA | Passionate Teacher.

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bhaiya sometimed u r saying (Na) e- will attach on carbon sometime on Cl , although ans will be same but if ques it is ES reaction or free radical reaction
Apurv Gaurav
a year ago
see first due to homolytic bond cleavage of alkyl halide free radical is formed and then sodium donates electron to free radical specie and it becomes negative charge carbanion
is wurtz rxn a free radical mechanism as u told in 2nd question..
Friends, If you are reading my comment, I want you to see this, If you understand each and every step bhaiya, have performed in any of the videos, answer at least one of the question in comment section from each video, See sachin bhaiya worked so hard to make this high quality stuff, It must be very time taking for him to see and explain each and every comments. So, Since he did so much for free for us, It's our responsibility to help him in whatever way we can.
Creative s
a year ago
a year ago
ok fine
please add me in ur whatsApp group my no: 7993884434
Where are physical and chemical properties of alkanes... There are only preparation methos
Rahul kumar
a year ago
it is not required for iit-jee
Arun Kumar
a year ago
@Qamar Be little more polite....He is doing this for our own good...
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