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Important submission to make !
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This is the lesson wherein I have made some important submission for all you viewers !

Arpita Prakash
NCERTs series initiator at Unacademy 'Educator of the Month' for Feb'19 CBSE 0.1% Merit Certificate holder in Mathematics

Unacademy user
sir current economic ropic mele video madi sir. fda exam ge help agutte
Adakke separate maadtini bidi
Mam,just don't stop please.For instance,just take me as an example.Being from not so big town in tamilnadu,i just used to write every lesson of yours and will teach my friends because they just dont know what is internet!.such is the powerful extent of teachings mam!.Pleaseeeee dont let us down mam!
ma'am, i don't know if this is a technical problem, but when a particular chapter ends, not every time the rating screen pops up. it's like it come once a day when you finish your daily streak and then once on a daily basis it asks for the review. But students go watch the whole course at on go are not able to rate each and every lesson mentioned in the course. so, i guess that might also be the factor. ps: i have seen this on the regular basis and i have followed you course for very long and have given honest rating every time whenever it have been asked. Thank you :)
Arpita Prakash
2 years ago
Dear Manisha, thanks for providing ratings etc...however there shouldn't be a need for the viewers to wait for the pop up..there is a option of rating and reviewing each course in the course page itself....after a user feels ( after completing certain number of lessons ) that he/she can now rate or review the course, one should directly go to that option and do that rather than waiting for the pop up to come ! it's all about how sincere are the users and how much they really respect the educator's hardwork. when we Educators can continuously create courses one by one, trying not to compromise with quality in each and every course and infact in individual lessons, making the same overview lesson with same introductory slides in every new course ....then can't the users just spend one or two minutes in writing few lines as feedback and clicking on the stars to give ratings ?
Arpita Prakash
2 years ago
not every lesson has the option to be rated or's just one option In every course and that too, the users don't find time about or are not interested in ! these kind of behaviours demotivate to such an extent that I can't probably Express in words ...I really have no idea that when will I stop working just because of this poor response and casual approach from learners' end
Please continue with the course mam, U are a educator atlease one student is benefited from your classes course and crack exam credit will go to u, so please continue looking foreword to listen to the remaining NCERT polity courses
Mam ur courses are the best on polity..... i have studied this from text book and it takes hell lot of more time to cover but with ur simplified approach of teaching and notes these became very easy....believe me these lessons are one of the best content on unacademy as far i have watched it. Please make more mam courses mam !!
Ma'am, we all understand how it feels. And the serious aspirants always do the rightful, but those who just take these courses as mere fun are already out of race. I know Ma'am, you take this pain to make notes for the serious aspirants only.. so kindly, continue with the course. Please Ma'am. Would be highly obliged to you. Thanking You

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