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Increase Vocabulary - Top Words For GRE
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This lesson deals with few of the high-frequency words that are in the GRE. The top ten words are anomaly, equivocal, lucid, precipitate, prodigal, opaque, assuage, erudite, enigma and placate. Learning these new words will help in picking up great vocabulary and also to understand the usage in different situations.

Gaurav Munjal
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Shouldn't it be "guilt" instead of "GUILD"!
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  2. ANOMALY ot normal,standard or expected e Odd, abnormal or irregular e Usage: Since you come late everyday, your coming on time today is a welcome anomaly :

  3. EQUIVOCAL . latin: "to call" - "equally . Having two or more possible meanings . Not easily understood or explained o Even my cat got confused with your equivocal answers.

  4. LUCID Expressed clearly Easy to understand . The teacher gave lucid explanation to a very difficult topic.

  5. PRECIPITATE make something undesirable happen unexpectedly and suddenly The speech by the political leader precipitated an internal crisis in the party

  6. PRODIGAL e "The prodigal roommate returns." The prodigal roommate returns. spending money recklessly or freely /someone who spending money recklessly or freely / someone who spends recklessly lavish, wasteful, extravagant . lavish, wasteful, extrav

  7. OPAQUE e not transparent e can't see through

  8. ASSUAGE e make things less intense make things less intense o make things calm or relieved e Mom assuaged the child after he had a nightmare. He tried to assuage the guild of wrongdoing by doing right.

  9. ERUDITE . Erudite scholars having intellectual discussions Erudite scholars having intellectual discussions e learned, well educated, intellectual having showing great knowledge

  10. ENIGMA e mystery, puzzle, riddle, paradox a person or thing that is mysterious to understand