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Indian Financial market (in Hindi)
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Chapter 11

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Aartee Mishra
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khtarnak Definition
agar mujha business start karna ha... or money ka need hai... to corporate bonds, debentures sell karna paraga to.... mam ma confusion ma par gaya... plzz clear it
Nicely explained! thank you
discount rate samajh me ni aya....plz explain it again
nice explanation...
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  4. Indian Financial Market . The market of an economy where funds are transacted between the fund surplus and fund-scarce individuals and groups is known as the financial market (definition). The basis of transaction is either interest or dividend. This market might have its organised (institutionalised) as well as non organised (unregulated/non-institutionalised) segments in an economy Financial markets in every economy are having two separate segments today, one catering to the requirements of short-term funds and the other to the requirements of long-term funds The short-term financial market is known as the money market, while the long- term financial market is known as the capital market The money market fulfils the requirements of funds for the period upto 364 days (i.e., short term) while the capital market does the same for the period above 364 days (i.e., long term)

  5. Indian Money Market Money market is the short-term financial market of an economy. In this market, money is traded between individuals or groups (i.e., financial institutions, banks, government, companies, etc.), who are either cash-surplus or cash-scarce Trading is done on a rate known as discount rate which is determined by the market and guided by the availability of and demand for the cash in the day-to-day trading The 'repo rate' of the time (announced by the RBI) works as the guiding rate for the current 'discount rate'. Borrowings in this market may or may not be supported by collaterals In the money market the financial assets, which have quick conversion quality into money and carry minimal transaction cost, are also traded Money market may be defined as a market where short-term lending and borrowing take place between the cash-surplus and cash-scarce sides

  6. Need for Money Market Income generation (i.e., growth) is the most essential requirement of any economic system. In the modern industrial economies creation of productive assets is not an easy task, as it requires investible capital of long-term nature Long-term capital can be raised either through bank loans, corporate bonds, debentures or shares (i.e., from the capital market). But once a productive asset has been created and production starts there comes the need of another kind of capital, to meet the day-to-day shortfalls of working capital It means that only setting-up of firms does not guarantee production as these firms keep facing fund mismatches in the dayto-day production process. Such funds are required only for a short period (days, fortnights or few months) and are needed to meet shortfalls in working capital requirements .This requires creation of a different segment of the financial market which can cater to the short-term requirements of such funds for the eneterprises-known as the money market or the working capital market. The short-term period is defined as upto 364 days.

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