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Inflation - meaning & introduction (in Hindi)
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Aartee Mishra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Aartee Mishra
Delhi University Topper Post Graduated in History Founder - Rank secure IAS Academy 4 Years Experience Use code : RANK10 for Mentorship

Unacademy user
You guys are doing one of the great work on this planet. If there is any paradise you are entitled to..questions are framed as per the level of upsc cse....thank you so much Sir..can you plz provide these questions in pdf with a little had better...for aspirants
thanku mam...ap sabse ache teacher hain ...luv u
Yes Ma'am i do have the same doubt which Rbi Grade B Aspirant have. Could you please tell us is this a typo error in the slide ? "Ma'am you have written that disinflation brings down inflationary trend in prices without causing unemployment but you are saying the opposite. could you please clarify!!??"
Wanderlust Sam
a year ago
its opposite......i think its a error
Ma'am you have written that disinflation brings down inflationary trend in prices without causing unemployment but you are saying the opposite. could you please clarify!!??
Deflation and disinflation are not same thing mam, deflation means reduction in prices I.e opposite of inflation but disinflation means reduction in rate of inflation over a period of time like 8% rate of inflation then 7% then 6%, it does not means that there is no deflation it simply means rate of inflation is reducing.
* it doesn't mean that there is deflation.
S Das
a year ago
Ironically, the 'Coaching prices' examples she gives for disinflation, after saying that Ramesh Singh's example is wrong, also happens to be wrong.
  1. Daily Lecture Series Ramesh Singh's) A brief Summary of Indian Economv unacadeny By Aartee Mishra Inflation and Business Cycle Hindi

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  4. Inflation and Business Cycle > A rise in the general level of prices If the price of one good has gone up, it is not inflation; it is inflation only if the prices of most goods have gone up > When the general level of prices is falling over a period of time this is deflation, the opposite situation of inflation. It is also known as disinflation

  5. Definition of Terms Disinflation: A reduction in the rate of inflation. Note that an economy going through disinflation may still be facing inflation, but it will be at a declining rate. 2 . Deflation: A decline in Deflation overall prices throughout the economy. This is the opposite of inflation. Time

  6. Concepts of Deflation Disinflation, Reflation & Stagflation Deflation is a condition of falling prices on account of insufficient effective demand. Results in a continuous fall in level of economic activity & growing unemployment Disinflation -it is a process of lowering costs & prices when they are excessively high. Brings down inflationary trend in prices without causing unemployment e Reflation is a moderate degree of inflation that is deliberately undertaken to relieve depression Stagflation a situation in which a high rate of inflation prevails simultaneously with a high rate of unemployment or stagnant economic condition. It is a combination of inflation & stagnation

  7. Stagflation eak Demand Unemployment GDP Growing at Snail's Pace Rising

  8. The rate of inflation is measured on the basis of price indices which are of two kinds-Wholesale Price Index (WPl) and Consumer Price Index (CPI) Why Two Types of Indices? CPI measures Inflation rate in the country CPI VWPI measures the General Price level in the whole sale market.


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