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Introduction to Rajasthan History (in Hindi)
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RAJASTHAN history for All exam

Govind Ram Saini is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Govind Ram Saini
"B.A. M.A in Political Science and holds a 7 years experience of teaching several online offline institutes. Specialised in History,Polity.

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The AL(OH)3 is involved in the following two equilibria, AL(OH)3(s) reversibility AL3+(aq)+3OH-(aq); Ksp AL(OH)3(s)+OH-(aq) reversibility AL(OH)4-(aq);Kc which of the following relationship is correctat which solubility is minimum (a) [OH-]={Ksp/Kc}^1/3 (b) [OH-]= {Kc/Ksp}^1/4 (c) [OH-]=[{ksp/Kc}^1/4]^1/2 (d) None of these
Manish Bishnoi
7 months ago
Manish Bishnoi
7 months ago
full live special class hi h kya yha raj gk ki or practice session h ya nhi btaiye koi plss
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