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Invention of Toilets Changed The World!
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Learn how the toilets changed history.

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Kindly avoid those blank (dark) transition between the slides.
Shubham Satyam
3 years ago
Sheetal Sharma, Stop spamming here. Act like an adult. Comments section is not for content promotion.
Mam. Informative lesson
quite interesting story of toilet. thanks
thanks for updating mam
  1. While scientists may regard penicillin or vaccinations as the greatest medical breakthrough

  2. Toilets have done more for our health!

  3. In the west, the toilet brought an end to epidemics

  4. How the toilet changed history!

  5. Lavatory

  6. Dunny

  7. Restroom

  8. Outhouse

  9. House of Honor

  10. 3 years of our lifetime in toilet!