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ISRO's Successful Launch of Cartosat 2 Satellite
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Learn more about the launch of Cartosat 2 satellite by ISRO. Get to know what this satellite is capable of doing and what other plans ISRO has for this year.

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Bharat Panchal
2 years ago
Ek do exception har jagah hote h dear
I am proud and happy that ISRO is doing an exceptional work. But my concern is the "Space Pollution" due to this debris of man made objects. If, as said in the video, ISRO starts launching satellites once a month, wont the problem of Space Pollution increase?? I mean its already showing its effect!!
chairman of isro changed recently now its SIWAN K a day before C40 launch he took charge
Hey. I just love the videos. Very informative. Although, at some places, the text on screen didn't match the the audio for eg. the screen showed that the launch was at 9:29 am but the voice seemed to say 2:29 am. This creates ambiguity among the viewers.
Kindly provide it in hindi also
Very informative. Simple language. Valid points. Short and crisp..
  1. PLAT sro Indian Space Research Organization C29


  3. India Key player in a growing commercial market for space-based surveillance and communication

  4. sro launches Cartosat-2 satellite PSLV-C40 Isro's 100th Satellite Launch Image Source DNA India

  5. Lifted off at 9:29 AM Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh

  6. Boost data services Provide high-resolution scene-specific spot images

  7. Boost data services Provide high-resolution scene-specific spot images Capable of delivering high-resolution data

  8. CARTOSAT 2's main application wilI be towards Cartography in India


  10. SEPTENTRIO TRIBVS ZEBVLON mons LcvI abera Maralah PARS PARS ASHER Rabbith Bethlhemeh Shunem Anshara Bct Naaman Dor TIBVS PARS LEVI 0 Aphe I L LEVI TRIBVS O N. MANASSETH CH Pars Levi tribus Manas

  11. The satellite sent two photos on the first day