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Liberalisation, Privatisation, Globalisation (in Hindi)
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Chapter 5 Part-2

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Aartee Mishra
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Unacademy user
mam plz can u help me ......m very confused bcoz i can write and read english properly bt m not comfortable in it .....mai upsc english medium lu ya hindi
Swaraj Das
2 years ago
apka jis language pe good command hain..wahi lijiye..
yes offcourse it does not matter you written Hindi or english
Vaishali Rohilla
2 years ago
thanku so much
Vaishali Rohilla
2 years ago
thanku so much
a year ago
Hindi lijiye taki aap achhe uttar likh pao aur sashakt abhivyakti kar pao.
10 months ago
same prblm with me but agr hm hindi se krte h to usse selection bahut km hotA h
Poonam Singh
3 months ago
jab ap english acche se kar sakte ho to hindi me likhne ki kya jarurat h agar english me prblm h to usko or improve kijiye bcoz hindi me ans likhna thoda tough isliye h bcoz speed acchi nhi hoti
mam what is the difference between liberalisation and globalisation
Geeta Kc
a year ago
Liberalization is the way where the barriers of exchange of goods are removed.It also removes various other barriers such as taxes and rules of licencing. Globalisation is the process of interaction among various organizations. It is the process of trading carried out internationally. Process has a lot of effects on the environment and its resources.
mam entire gs hindi main nahi hai kya
What kind of economic system was existed before 1991?
Akshay Parhad
4 months ago
there was very limited scope for private sector in india
thank u soooo muchh mam......pre ko sirf 2 months rhte h....meri revision ki problem solve kr di....❤
each and every line is from ramesh Singh book and no others sources
Subhash Bobasya
2 years ago
oh miss,what do u think,she should write a book for u specially nd then teach u,u have to encourage for her efforts,dont criticize.u can gain knowledge free of cost from here as much as u can.
oh hello sir if she taking sources from one books then jus say that the sources is from ramesh Singh and not any other... use ur eyes n ur ears wisely
Subhash Bobasya
2 years ago
Oh ok, But if she say that I copied the lectures from R Singh directly that it may be against copy right norms so she adding some other sources.nd dont be so wise on free of cost knowledge.Gain it throughly.
I didn't say anything like copyright issue, and who r u to tell me where to be wise and not, its my feedback my opinion. am very greatful to mam for her courses..kindly mind ur own businesses pls, no one is paying you here and stop bugging people up
Subhash Bobasya
2 years ago
oh sorry i forgot that u r a girl...u can understand what i want to say...
Subhash Bobasya
2 years ago
if u want to say something to me.comment on personal inbox,dont comment here pl z,it will distract another aspirant.
oh so sorry, I clearly remember that you are a Man, if u think so much of others then y don't u mind ur own study..
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  4. Liberalization The economic liberalization in GDP GROWTH India refers to the economic liberalisation, initiated in 1991, of the country's economic policies, with the goal of making the economy more market and service- oriented and expanding the role of private and foreign investment Specific changes include a reduction in import tariffs, deregulation of markets, reduction of taxes, and greater foreign investment 12.0% 6000.0 5000.0 4000.0 10.0% 80% 3000.0 tu, 6,0% un 4,0% 2000.0 1000.0 0.0 2.0% 0.0% GDP GDP Growth Rate

  5. Privatization The policies through which the 'roll back' of the state was done included deregulation, privatisation and introduction of market reforms in public services. Privatisation at that time was used as a process under which the state assets were transferred to the private sector Privatisation in its purest sense and lexically means denationalisation,20 i.e., transfer of the state ownership of the assets to the private sector to the tune of 100 per cent > The sense in which privatisation has been used is the process of disinvestment all over the world. This process includes selling of the shares of the state-owned enterprises to the private sector

  6. Privatization The third and the last sense in which the term privatisation has been used around the world, is very wide. Basically, all the economic policies which directly or indirectly seem to promote the expansion of the private sector or the market (economy) have been termed by experts and the governments as the process of privatization Globalization The official meaning of globalisation for the WTO is movement of the economies of the world towards "unrestricted cross border movements of goods and services, capital and the labour force" Now we may connect the three simultaneous processes-the LPG with which India launched its reform programme The process of liberalization shows movement of the economy towards the market economy, privatization is the path/rout to realize the ultimate goal, i.e., globalization. 35 e through which it will travel


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