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Maths - Previous Year ASO Questions - Part 1 (in Odia)
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This video covers detailed analysis of previous year aso questions. Short tricks and easy approach is provided in it.

Purusottam Mishra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Purusottam Mishra
B.Tech from BPUT | 8+ Years of Teaching Experience. Cleared Supreme Court JAO , Bank PO , IB SEA/JIO , SI, TCS , NDA| Teaches Polity,Home Sc

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good explanation thanks sr
welcome sir...
please give rating to motivate us to prepare more videos. complete all the lessons in it. u will like it
  1. MATHS PREV OUSYEAR Aso QUESTIONS DO NOT OPEN THIS TEST BOOKLET UNTIL YOU ARE ASKED TO DO SCO Test Booklet Series T. B. C. : ASG-3/15 152365 Serial No. TEST BOOKLET RECRUITMENT OF A. S. O. MATHEMATICS Time Allowed: 1 (one) Hour Maximum Marks 100 Complete Solutions and Tricks to Solve

  2. 23 1. The decimal expansion of 4. The least n mber that is divisible by 5 al the numbers from 1 to 10 (both will terminate after (A) One-decimal place (B) Two-decmal place (C) Three-decimal place (D) Four-decimal plaoa inclusive) is (A) 10 (B) 252 (C) 504 (D) 2520 2. 325 is 5. In Euclid's Division Lemma, a bq+ (A) An irational number (B) A rational number (C) Neither rational nor irrational r, 0sr<b,the numbers 'a' and 'r'are the: (A) Divisor and Dividend (B) Dividend and Remainder (C) Quotient and Divisor (D) Remainder and Quotient numbe (D) Whole number Fora and b being co-prime, then a and bare: 3. If 'a' and 'b' be two odd prime numbers, then (a2-b is: A) An even prime (B) An odd prime (C) Prime (D) Composite 6. (A) May or may nct be co-prime (B) Never co-prime (C) Ahays co-prime (D) None of the above VL-3A/15 Conld

  3. ASO-MAIME MATICS 1. 27. 23 23 Pate> 2- 3 2<5 is - lxXational numbei CA) y OPHon eliminahon 6 E1 exampe , 3,52s--I6 Composite (D even even Scanned b y CamScanner

  4. 7. I . A rational number of 1-16 in the two positive integers p and q can be expressed as p ab2 and q-33b. (a and b being prime numbers), then LCM (p, q) ia: simplest form is 10 (B) a2b (C) a3b2 (D) ab 100 89 115 8. A rational number (xpIq) havea terminating decimal expansion 116 if: (A The prime factorization of q is not of the form 2. 5m where n and m are non- 10. The highest power of the variable in a polynomial is called its:. (A) Sclution . (B) Zero (C) Degree (D) None of the above [f and are zeroes of a quadratic polynomial ax + bx + c, then + is equal to: negative integers (B) The prime factorization of q is not of the form 2.5", where n and m are integers (C) The prime factorization of a is of the form 2" . 5" where n and m are non- negative integers The prime factcrization of is of the form 2 and m are integers 11. (D) 5 where n 3 VL-3A/15 (Tum over)

  5. 14. If one of the zeroes of the cubic (B)a polynomial x3+ax bx c is-1, then the product of the other two zeroes IS: (A) a-b+ 1 (B) a-b-1 (C) b-a+1 (D) b-a-1 (C) b (D) b If a zero of the quadratic polynomial x2 +3x +kis 2, then the value ofk 12. 15. If one of the zeroes of the quadratic polynomial (k )x1 is-3 (B)S (C) 10 (D) -10 then the value of k is 13. If c, B and yare the zeroes of a oubic x+ d, then polynomial ax+bx a y is equal to 2 (B 3 (C) 3 (D) 3 (8) a 16. If an nth degree polynomial is divided by a mh degree polynomial, then the possible degree of the quotient is (A) m-n (C) b (D) d VL-3A15 Contd

  6. 19. Which o the following will have no (B) m+n (C) mn (D) n-m sclution A) A system o consistent equations 17. If and are the zeroes of a (B) A system of inconsistent quadratic polynomial x +x-2 then equalions (C) A system of dependent the value ofis equations (D) All of the abowe 20 The value of c, for which tho pa of equations cx-y = 2 and 6x 2y 4 will have infinitely many solution, is: (A) 3 (B)3 (C)-12 (D) 12 3 -3 (B) 22 5 -5 (C) r 3 -3 18. The system of lr equations kx+y+1:0and + ky + 2 = 0 has 21. In a cyclic quadrilateral PORS unique solution Then: (B) k 1 (C) k#2 S1270 (D) None of the above VL.-3A/15 (Turn over)

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