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Most Important Questions For CTET/DSSSB-2018| Lesson:02(in Hindi)
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This lesson or this entire course will help all those aspirants who are preparing for any teaching related competitive exam such as CTET/DSSSB/TETs/KVS etc.

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Himanshi singh
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Keep Learning 😊
Pawan Pandey
2 years ago
Hi Himanshi, good job done. Do you have any PDF material regarding your all practicing and videos? Kindly share if it is available. Thanks a lot in advance
mam kvs mein PGT ke liye MSc and bed( appearing last year) eligible or not????? plzzzzzzzzzzz replyyyyyyyyyyy
Action research - Stephen m Corey ?? Isn’t it plzz clear the doubt
Ruchika Sachdeva
2 years ago
the term is coined by Kurt n in education used by Stephen m core
Hie himanshi ... Apne live video me btaya tha ke Apke sir class le rhi hai dsssb or ctet ke .. toh ye class kha ho rhi hai .. I mean location
TAT ..morgon and murrey .....vvvvvv helpful videos mam ..thanks a lot ...ap puri seres krwa dijiye mam ...

  2. Let's LEARN! Something About Me This is HIMANSHI SINGH . Have keen interest in Psychology. . Pursuing Eng. Hons. From Delhi University. I've done D.El.Ed from Delhi. I have a YouTube channel named "Lets LEARN".

  3. 26. Action research is given by- Kurt Lewin 27. Micro-teaching is invented by- Dwight W. Allen 28. Experiential learning is given by- David Kolb 29. Learning through experience is given by- John Dewey 30. How many Learning styles are there in experiential Learning- 4 31. Concept of vicarious learning is given by- Albert Bandura 32. Hierarchy of learning is given by- Gagne 33. Hierarchy of needs is given by- Abraham Maslow

  4. 34. First laboratory of psychology in India was opened by- S.N. Sen Gupta Kolkata(1916). 35. Positive, negative and zero transfer of learning is given by- Edward Lee Thorndike 36. Sudden development in adolescence- Stanley Hall. 37. Author of adolescence- Stanley Hall 38. Third Force of Psychology- Humanism 39. The three need theory is given by- David McClelland 40. Achievement motivation is given by- McClelland & Atkinson 41. Emotions are caused by our interpretation of bodily reactions- James-Lange Theory

  5. 42. Thalamic theory of emotion is given by- Cannon-Bard. 43. Word association test is given by- Galton. 44. Socio-metric test of personality is an- Objective Method of assessment. 45. Sheldon gave three types of personality- Endomorph, Mesomorph, Ectomorph. 46. How many approaches of personality distribution are there- 2 47. Superiority & Inferiority complex are given by- Adler 48. How many cards are there in Thematic Apperception Test- 30+1. 49. Father of Individual Psychology- Adler. 50. 16 personality factor test is given by- R.B. Cattell

  6. "Be your oun constant" -Himanshi Singh Let's LEARN!