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Most Important Questions of Average - Type 13&14
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Type 13 & 14

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Pratiyogita Mantra

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Sir doubts session kab aage...
a student finds the avg of ten 2 digit numbers.whilecopying no by mistake he writes one no with it's digit a result his answer is 1.8 less than correct answer.the difference of the digits of the number in which he made mistake is
Monami Pramanik
2 years ago
the no. would be 10x+y bt by mistake he wrote 10y+x & acc to ques 10x+y-10y-x=1.8 9x-9y=1.8 x-y=0.2 i hope the answr is right
Ashraf Ali
2 years ago
ans is correct how we taken 10x+y explain
Ashraf Ali
2 years ago
Is there any other method to solve this problem
Anand Raj
2 years ago
just divide 1.8 by 9 you will get the answer no need to take x
Rajesh Dharmana
2 years ago
In Monami's solution , difference between the numbers should be 1.8 * 10 .And the final answer would be 2 .
Shubham Kumar
2 years ago
Anand Raj how you taken 9
Shubham Kumar
2 years ago
Anand Raj how you taken 9
Thank you so so much Sir..... Pura Average ka course attend kia...sab ache se samaj aaya👍👍 Bhot hi Mazaa aaya sare lessons attend karke....Amazing tricks😊😊
sir last question m ..ab end m saari powers ko add bi to kr skte hai kyuki base same hai to power add ho jygi {3^(29+59+89)}=3^177... kya hum ase kr skte hai?????please reply sir
Ravi Sekhar
2 years ago
Base toh same hai lekin plus me hai isliye power add nahi hoga. Agar multiplication hota toh power add hota
Shivani Tyagi
2 years ago
ohh yes yes..thank you..
Ravi Sekhar
2 years ago
Ur wlcm
sir hm log n 20 by 9 kyo nii Kia 2nd ques m....kyoki vo bhi to 9 b btt rii Jo 30 9th person n Jada lgaya h
  1. All the following TYPES will be covered: 1. Basic 2. inrsn ncluded/sxcluded/Replaced 3. Person Included/Excluded/Replaced - Age/Weight t 4. Temperature/Rainfall 5. Income/Expenditure 6. Error/Correction 7. Twice/Thrice 8. Cricketer- Batting/Bowling Average 9. Classroom/Examination/Marks 10. Number System/Arithmetic Mean/Middle no. 11. Age of Youngest Child/Family Members 12. Average Speed 13. Most Important Questionsv 14. Miscellaneous SPECIAL COURSE FOR SSC & BANK EXAMS AVERAGE TYPEWISE MUST ENROLL/SAVE AVERAGE SPECIAL COURSE


  3. AVERAGE TYPE 13 & 14

  4. AVERAGE TYPEWISE TYPE 13 & 14 HIT LIKE The average weight of three men A, B and C is 84 kg. D joins them and the average weight of the four becomes 80 kg. IfE whose weight is 3 kg more than that of D, replaces A, the average weight of B, C, D and E becomes 79 kg. The weight of A is (1) 65 kg. (3) 75 kg, RATE (2) 70 kg. (4) 80 kg. ASK YOUR DOUBTS IN DONT FORGET TO PRESS FOLLOW ENROLL/SAVE COMMENTS

  5. 884 80 -12 6? 7/

  6. AVERAGE TYPEWISE 3 TYPE 13 & 14 HIT LIKE Out of nine persons, 8 persons spent F 30 each for their meals. The ninth one spent 20 more than the average expenditure of all the nine. The total money spent by all of them was (1) 260 (2) 290 (3) 292.50 (4) 400.50 RATE ASK YOUR DOUBTS IN (SSC Graduate Level Tier-II Exam. 16.09.2012 DONT FORGET TO PRESS FOLLOW ENROLy SAVE COMMENTS

  7. 9 A 32.5 240 20 32.5

  8. ANs 30 YQ 20 25-+25

  9. IGA Ka spenl &bo each on their meal. Whie?" perton persons. kid l30 more than averaqe all ure

  10. UiCA person d IX0 more than averae a all P persons.Hiud ? rson Ha ttal expenditure al tu Fpe

  11. Sol 1500 2100 3 600 e-

  12. 2