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Number System (Divisibility rule - 6) (in Hindi)
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Number System (Divisibility rule - 6) (in Hindi)

Bharat Gupta is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Bharat Gupta
Engineer by degree Mathematician by Heart. Having 22 years of teaching experience. More than 20000 students selected.

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mam teach atoms amlnd molecule for class 9 😭 please
literally sir.. Ap kya bol rhe hai kya write krre hai or kya concept... sbka direction different hai.. but appreciate krna pdega.. online course ki advertisement hr video m bdia ki h... but afsos.. I think in videos ko dekh kr koi purchase ni krega.... mene socha ta but neveeerrrr... so irritating
Rohan Kumar
9 months ago
maybe u feel this ...but try Arithmetic by Bharat in all aspects
sir, why not option a.. since it is divisible by 3, 11 and 9 as well.
Mayank mittal
10 months ago
Because our no. 62532393 isn't divisible of 9 soo option a is not correct
Nihal mehta
5 months ago
option a is a multiple of option d option are not framed well
last ques samj ni aya ki option d kyu hoga
Sir, with due respect IN THE LAST QUESTION I m just saying if it is already given that x is divisible by 11, so y not we just look at the option which is divisible by 11 and lock our answer.
he means divisible by 11 so options d is only divisible by 11 and also X is divisible by 11 so X will be divisible by d)231
Kaush Sahu
a year ago
you told that he means divisible by 11 but if you see then you'll notice that option.a and b are also divisible by 11 so how can you explain that
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