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Number System practice problem - 4 (in Hindi)
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Number System practice problem - 4 (in Hindi)

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Bharat Gupta
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please teach chapter 3 chemistry for class 9 ok fellow mam
sir what about 2 and 3 in question no. 3 ,since both are prime and give same quotient and remainder
sir at 5:48 can we take sum of all terms in one go .. it wil give us sum of 30 .from there we can conclude that it will be divisible by 15 , pls give answer
Deepanshi Singh
9 months ago
that can't be possible bcz suppose 2 ka square + 2 ka square is =8
Deepanshi Singh
9 months ago
and is we do this by 4 ka square then it ll be 16
last question and will be c option bcz its asked how many prime no. 2prime no2&3