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Number System (Trailing Zero - 1) (in Hindi)
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Number System (Trailing Zero - 1) (in Hindi)

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Bharat Gupta
Engineer by degree Mathematician by Heart. Having 22 years of teaching experience. More than 20000 students selected.

Unacademy user
how 1400 is 2 ki power 3
Ritu Dravid
a year ago
If you do the multiples of 1400, that would be 2*2*2*5*5*7. It means it has 2 raised to the power of 3 and 5 raised to the power of 2. So, here it comes. ( And here we are only looking for 2 and 5)
Aayush Tanwar
a year ago
Ritu Dravid
a year ago
*Correction: That is factors, not multiples. If you do FACTORS of 1400............
sir in this lecture i am confused in knowing how the power of 2 you are taking if the question while seeing the even digit no.
Ritu Dravid
a year ago
Do the multiples of the number. If it is even and if it contains 5 in the end. Then there you will get the number with their powers. (The times no. are repeating)
kaise nikaltejaise ki 512 ka 2 ki power 9 hoga.
Kartik Mittal
a year ago
how many times we can divide it by 2 is the power of 2
180 me to 2 time 2 aa raha hai ??