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Overview (in Hindi)
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About the course

Reenu Bala is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Reenu Bala
Plus Educator💫⭐ ,B.Ed. with maths and science,...passionate about teaching.. IIT JAM qualified, C.T.E.T. , H.T.E.T. Qualified.

Unacademy user
next class kb se hogi??
show that U(n) forms a group under multiplication modulo n for n greaterthanr equal to 2 U(n)={a belongs to Z 0<a<n and gcd(a,n)=1} mam plz tell me the solution
hello mam . your method is very simple. thanks mam . please make videos on permutation,coset,and Normal Subgroup.
Reenu Bala
2 years ago
Okk..jitendra.. I will do soon
Swayam sratik
2 months ago
mam ye free class hai na
Swayam sratik
2 months ago
ans me mam
  1. overview of the course Group Theory

  2. Targeted audience All the students who are preparing for WT AM, Exams of any university and also the stud ents who are pursuing u.e. Degree courses

  3. topics covered ntroduetion to group Generation of groups Example of groups special groups

  4. topics covered ntroduetion to subgroups Application of theorems Numerical problems and their solutions

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