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Overview (in Hindi)
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Sanjay kumar
I have been teaching Chemistry for 5 yrs Youtube - jamchem & App- Padhre Qualified jam and many Entrance Exam.

Unacademy user
i hv revised ur course 2 times nd hv done few lessons of other educatrs, is it sufficient for upsc prelims 2018. im not doing coaching nd all need a better guidance hoping for positive response from ur end
Tom Paine
2 years ago
not enough. read more. these are very concise.
Ankita Singh
2 years ago
will you like to me the appropriate resources
Rahul Mukherjee
2 years ago
Ankita these lessons are really good for a go but as Mr Tom said they aren't going to be enough. You can go for Nitin Singhania's INDIAN ART & CULTURE. But for prelims these lessons will do, believe.
Ankita Singh
2 years ago
ty #rahulmukherjee for this mind full suggestion
Sir 2020 ka thora sum up karke denge to bohot accha hota
sir upload the remaining lessons of this topic please
Great work sir... I realllly appreciate ur efforts.. But sir it will be more fine if uh cover all name reaction s of the jam course.
we also want lectures on other recn like Darzens recn . mc Hurry recn. Michael recn or cardens recn
please upload lecture on this topics
  1. UNITS 2018 Basic Concept in Organic Chemistry and Stereochemistry Organic Reaction Mechanism and Synthetic Applicaions Qualitative Organic Analysis/Spectroscopy Natural Products Chemist:y Heterocyclic Chemistry 3 3 11 4 2

  2. Organic Reaction Mechanism and Synthetic Applications: Chemistry of reactive intermediates (carbocations, carbanions, free radicals, carbenes, nitrenes, benzynes etc...); Hofmann-Curtius-Lossen rearrangement, Wolff rearrangement, Simmons-Smith reaction, Reimer-Tiemann reaction, Michael reaction, Darzens reaction, Wittig reaction and McMurry reaction; Pinacol-pinacolone, Favorskii, benzilic acid rearrangement, dienone-phenol rearrangement, Baeyer-Villeger reaction; oxidation and reduction reactions in organic chemistry; organometallic reagents in organic synthesis (Grignard, organolithium and organocopper); Diels-Alder, electrocyclic and sigmatropic reactions; functional group inter-conversions and structural problems using chemical reactions. 2 2 9