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Practice Question Set 1
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In this lesson Bhagyashree Ghosh provides a real exam question for practice.

Bhagyashree Ghosh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Bhagyashree Ghosh
Author | VARC Expert | Referral Code for 10% off: BHGHOSH.YT | 99%tile | 5+ years experience

Unacademy user
thank you so much sir....
Seriously? Its not lesbian. Its Lebanese. Its not Amrican, Its American!!!
help yourself mate, she did manage a 99% with that pronunciation also. 🤭
help yourself mate, she did manage a 99% with that pronunciation also. 🤭
Bhagyashree Ghosh
9 months ago
Sorry for the pronunciation 😝
not lesbian..lebanese
mam i want to know how to remember the old vocabularies
Honestly, there is no fixed way to remember things..human mind forgets the useless information.. but remembers the useful's true that we tend to forget old learnt vocabulary... that's just because we take it as 'Vocabulary' only.. when we apply those words in our conversation or keep reading it from different sources..we never forget becomes useful for our brain... To never forget vocabulary..try to make short stories with the words.. it's easy to remember a story ..n this way words too... You might have seen my "Build Vocabulary through Stories" course. I do the same exact... Hope you got the idea right..!
Vimarsh Singh
a year ago
yes mam
nice explanation mam please upload next lesson
please correct lebanese and American pronunciation.
Bhagyashree Ghosh
6 months ago
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