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Public Private Partnership Models (in Hindi)
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PPP models

Aartee Mishra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Aartee Mishra
Delhi University Topper Post Graduated in History Founder - Rank secure IAS Academy 4 Years Experience Use code : RANK10 for Mentorship

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Awesome Explanation !! Thank you !
Ma'am why the word Tendor is not used in PPP model
ppp project ke liye government pehle plan plan dekhegi hamare expert us field ke hoga vo dekhege kya itne money me ye project perfect ho sakhta hai ya hamra invest Dubne vala hai expert level committee honi chahiye project monitor karne ke liye ek bar de diya to
remedies for ppp can be- 1. project handover to those companies who have better track records in the past 2. quality of the project should be matched with the desired level which gets hampered due to delay in funding by the gov.t or the order as inflation increases
remedies 1- Penalties regarding delaying in completing of project. 2- Good and frequent monitoring throughout the duration of project. 3- digitization of monitoring and uploading on digital mediums.
Amit Kumar
6 months ago
Here Private companies are not delaying. Government is delaying to approve projects and give green flag to start the project. And one more thing the point regarding delay in land acquisition happens because while taking projects like construction of roads for eg: 6lanes 8lanes highway road projects, land has to be acquired. Government gets ready to pay about 3times cost of the land but public who is holding land doesn't agrees to government proposal. Public usually says this land is khandani zameen blah blah land i won't give at any cost. That leads to delay in acquisition of land. Please suggest measures accordingly.
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  4. PPP Model Managing adequate amount of fund for infrastructure development has been always a challenge for India. In reform era, the government evolved the idea of public private partnership (PPP) for the sector aimed at attracting investments from the private sector (domestic as well as foreign) BOT-TOLL: The 'Build-Operate-Transfer-Toll' was one of the earliest models of PPP. Other than sharing the project cost (with the Government) the private bidder was to build, maintain, operate the road and collect toll on the vehicular traffic BOT-ANNUITY: The private players were offered a fixed amount of money annually (called 'annuity') as compensation-the party bidding for the minimum 'annuity' used to get the project. Toll collection was the responsibility of the Government EPC MODEL: The private developers were supposed to design, construct and hand over the road projects to the government-maintenance, operation and toll collection being the government's responsibilities. Contract was given to the private player who offered to construct roads at the lowest cost/price guaranteeing the desired quality levels

  5. PPP Model HAM: Hybrid Annuity Model (HAM) is a mix of EPC and BOTANNUITY models. In this model the project cost is shared by the government and the private player in ratio of 40:60, respectively The private player is responsible to construct and hand over the roads to the government which will collect toll (if wishes)-maintenance remaining the responsibility of the private player till the annuity period Private player is paid a fixed sum of economic compensation (called 'annuity' similar to the BOT-ANNUITY model of past) by the government for a fixed tenure (normally 15 years, though it is flexible). The private player which demands lowest annuity (in bidding) gets the contract Swiss Challenge Model: In this, one bidder is asked by the government to submit the proposal for the project which is put in public domain. Afterwards, several other bidders submit their proposals aimed at improving and beating the original (first) bidder-finally an improved bid is selected (called counter proposal). If the original bidder is not able to match the counter proposal, the project is awarded to the counter bidder. Government has made it an online method

  6. CHALLANGES AND REMEDIES The infrastructure projects were hit by variety of hurdles: Delays in project approval - causing high cost over-runs Delays in land acquisition Scarcity of fund due to longer gestation periods Drawbacks in the existing PPP format A situation of policy paralysis form 2010-11 to 2013-14 Slowdown in growth of the economy (due to global and domestic slackness)

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